Salon-Air™ Nail Dust Collector for Nail Salons

Salon-Air is a compact, affordable and effective air cleaner & nail dust collector specifically for the nail dust and fumes generated from manicures and acrylic nails. Designed for tabletop use in nail salons and manicure stations.

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Salon-Air™ Tabletop Air Cleaner for Manicurists is the Industry-Preferred Nail Dust Collector and Odor Control Air Filter. Your Clients will Appreciate the Clean Air Zone!

The Salon-Air air filter was specifically designed for the nail salon industry with the client and technician in mind. The air cleaner removes contaminants and dust at the source instead of allowing them to spread around the entire shop. This small, compact, tabletop unit (measuring only 15" x 9.5" x 4.8") fits right on top of manicure tables where space is a premium. Even though the unit is small, it provides superior performance. The Salon-Air™ features a unique, powerful, infinitely adjustable fan to pull the nail dust down as soon as it is generated, keeping it away from your face and breathing area. The high efficiency filter traps the nail dust, preventing it from becoming airborne. Best yet, the filter is 100% plastic fiber, so it can be washed and reused.* Activated carbon filters help reduce acrylic fumes at the point of emission as well.

Most manicure dust collectors and vacuums boasting to be for nail salons are large, expensive units that are designed to clean an entire area. They're not small enough to be used in the limited space of the nail technician, so they attempt to clean the background air of the entire salon.  The Salon-Air™ pulls the nail dust down and away from your breathing zone, long before it has a chance to become airborne.

* Individual results will vary with washing - filter must eventually be replaced.

Features of the Salon-Air™ Nail Dust Collector with Odor Control - SalonAir Air Cleaner

  • Easy to use single switch control
  • High performance, washable main filter
  • Light weight and portable
  • Infinitely variable speed motor/blower allows for precise airflow control
  • Compact design made specifically for manicurist tables
  • Powerful balanced blower for quiet operation
  • Two post carbon filters for odor control
  • 10' power cord with standard plug
  • Easy grille removal for quick filter access
  • Very low energy consumption (comparable to a light bulb)

Salon-Air™ Nail Dust Air Cleaner Specifications

Air Speed Up to 350 CFM, infinitely variable speed control
Main Filter MERV 13 Polypropylene mini-pleat filter
Odor Control Two post carbon filters
Fan/Motor Dynamically balanced precision built motor/blower for smooth, vibration free operation
Power 65 Watts Max
Electrical 120V, .6 Amps, 60Hz
Dimensions 15″ L x 9.5″ W x 4.8″ H
Weight 11 lbs.
Housing Finish Durable white powder-coated enamel finish
Warranty Limited one year warranty

Main Replacement Filter


Salon-Air Main Replacement Filter. Polypropylene, MERV...

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41051 – Replacement Carbon Filter for SalonAir

Salonair Carbon Filter

Replacement Activated Carbon Filter for Salon-Air. (2...

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