Soleus KY100 Portable Air Conditioner – 10,000 BTU

Soleus KY-100 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

With 10,000 BTUs of Cooling Power, the Soleus KY-100 Portable Air Conditioner will quietly and efficiently cool and...

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Countertop Water Filter with Protector™ Red-D Ultra Filtration

Protector Red-D Ultra Sub-Micron Water Filter

Sub-micron depth filtration – Comparable to RO and Ultra-filtration, the Protector Red-D Ultra filter removes...

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Watchdog 550 – 55 Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Seaira Watchdog 550 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Energy Star listed, the Watchdog 550 Crawl Space Dehumidifier is perfect for hard to reach areas with humidity or...

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EnviroKlenz Air Purifier – Toxic-Free & Portable HEPA Air Cleaner

EnviroKlenz Clean Air Purifier

The EnviroKlenz air purifier is an aesthetically pleasing, practical solution to those who suffer from allergies,...

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H2O-500 – Bottleless Water Dispenser – Hot and Cold with 4 Stage Filtration

Black bottleless water cooler for office, home, gyms and commerical space

H2O-500 Bottleless Water Dispenser provides Hot or Cold water. 4-Stage Filtration process ensures clean, refreshing...

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BoAir Furnace Filters – Permanent, Electrostatic HVAC Air Filters

BoAir Permanent Electrostatic Furnace Filters

BoAir Permanent Electrostatic Furnace Filters are easy to install, easy to clean. LIFETIME Warranty! – Home...

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CA-1000 – CleanAire Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner

CA-1000 - CleanAire Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner - Installed

The CleanAire ceiling mount electronic air cleaner removes cigar and cigarette smoke and odors from indoor areas up to...

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MAXUM Home Smoke Eater Electronic Air Cleaner

Maxum Home Smoke Eater - White

MAXUM Home Smoke Eater Electronic Air Cleaner – The Best Air Cleaner for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers –...

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If you’re looking for a Bottleless Water Cooler for your home or office, or a Smoke Eater for your restaurant or bar, you’ll find it at Pure n Natural Systems. Shop with confidence – Enjoy FREE shipping* on most items & 60-day returns.

We invite you to browse our selection of Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners, Vapor Steam Cleaners, Air Purifiers, Water Filters and more. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, or own a Cigar Lounge, or are interested in Chemical Free Cleaning, we have exactly what you’re looking for.


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How to Properly Size Portable Room Air Conditioners

  • 13-June-2017
  • published by: P & N
How to Properly Size Portable Room Air Conditioners

How many BTU’s Do I Need for My Room? This chart may help you determine what size portable air conditioner shop for. A word of caution: don’t buy an air conditioner that’s too large. An oversized air conditioner is actually less effective – and can waste valuable energy at the same time. Because portable air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air, an oversized unit will cool the room quickly, but only remove some of the humidity. This will leave…

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Buying a Dehumidifier: Online Guide

  • 11-May-2017
  • published by: P & N
Buying a Dehumidifier: Online Guide

Read This Before Buying A Dehumidifier Online! Thinking about buying a dehumidifier? Like a lot of people who start researching dehumidifiers, you have a problem and you want to know if buying a dehumidifier can help solve it. Or you might be sure you need a dehumidifier at this point and want to know how to shop for the best one. Our goal at Pure n Natural Systems is to make researching and buying a dehumidifier online as easy and…

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The Art of Hydration

  • 09-May-2017
  • published by: P & N
The Art of Hydration

With the summer months just around the corner, don’t forget the importance of healthy hydration to your overall wellness. Whether you’re exercising, playing sports, gardening outdoors, or even taking a brief walk in the summer heat, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Let’s discuss a few droplets of hydration information to keep your body happy and healthy! Why is Hydration Important? Drinking enough water can help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight, keep your mind clear and alert, improve your mood,…

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