Home Smoke Eaters

Home Smoke Eaters provide relief smoke-saturated air in your home or office. Our air cleaners are quiet so they can be used in bedrooms or living rooms and are excellent at reducing tobacco smoke odors as well as the smoke haze. We carry portable home smoke eaters and ceiling installed models to accommodate your specific requirements. Keep peace between smokers and non-smokers with a home smoke eater.

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MAXUM Home Smoke Eater Electronic Air Cleaner

Maxum Home Smoke Eater - White

MAXUM Home Smoke Eater Electronic Air Cleaner – The Best Air Cleaner for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers –...

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EnviroKlenz – The Best Portable HEPA Air Cleaner for Allergies

EnviroKlenz Clean Air Purifier

The EnviroKlenz air purifier is an aesthetically pleasing, practical solution to those who suffer from allergies,...

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Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Air Purifier

Airpura T600 Smoke Air Purifier - Black

Tobacco smoke and odors are no match for the Airpura T600 air purifier. Tar-Barrier pre-filter plus 26 pounds of...

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SuperSlim Ceiling Mount Air Cleaner

SuperSlim Ceiling Mount Air Cleaner

The SuperSlim Ceiling Mount Air Cleaner is designed for smaller rooms with low solid ceiling heights of 7-8 feet....

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PAC-22 – 2 x 2 Flush Mount Air Cleaner

PAC-22 Air Cleaner is Perfect for Homes, Offices and Conference Rooms

200 – 400 CFM – 1 unit covers approximately 400 sq. ft. 3 filtration stages. Installation hardware...

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DesignAir Portable Electronic Air Cleaner

DesignAir Portable Electronic Air Cleaner

The DesignAir™ Electronic Air Cleaner is a Multi-function portable electronic air cleaner that removes dust, pollens,...

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MM-800 Muscle Machine – Dust & Smoke Air Cleaner

Muscle Machine Dust and Smoke Air Cleaner

600 – 800 CFM – 1 unit covers approximately 800 sq. ft., or 4,500 cu. ft. 3 stages of filtration....

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IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier – New Edition

IQAir New Edition GC MultiGas Air Purifier

For areas up to 900 sq. ft. HyperHEPA and VOC cartridges effectively control of a wide range of gaseous compounds,...

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FM-14 – Commercial or Residential Solid Ceiling Smoke Eater

FM-14 Commercial or Residential Smoke Eater for Solid Ceilings

400 – 800 CFM – 1 unit covers approximately 800 sq. ft. Flush mount system with 3 filtration stages....

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PurePal AG600 – Best Air Purifier | Pure n Natural Systems

PurePal Air Purifier - AG500 / AG600 by Airgle

Clean room grade HEPA filtration, activated carbon blend and the exclusive Titanium Pro UV module, easily control...

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