Furnace Filters

Standard throw-away furnace filters are designed to keep dust out of your HVAC system. Our furnace filters are designed to keep the air in your home or office cleaner and fresher. Whether you’re looking for a permanent electrostatic furnace filter, such as BoAir, or the highly efficient dielectric polarization technology found in the EnviroSept furnace filters, our products are top of the line in performance.

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LifeStyle Plus Furnace Filters – Permanent Electrostatic HVAC Air Filters

LifeStyle Plus Whole House Electrostatic Filter

LifeStyle Plus Permanent Electrostatic Furnace Filters are easy to install, easy to clean. LIFETIME Warranty! Whole...

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EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Filter Replacement Collector Pads – 12 Pack

EnviroSept Furnace Filter Replacement Pads

Replacement collector pads for the EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Filter – 12...

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EnviroSept – Whole House Electronic Furnace Filter

EnviroSept Electronic Furnace Filter

The EnviroSept Whole House Electronic Furnace or Air Conditioner filter is a cost effective solution that permanently...

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