Pridiom 24,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter System – Classic Series

Pridiom 24,000 BTU Classic Series - The PMS241CL Ductless mini-split heat pump system is a windowless air conditioner that uses Advanced Inverter Technology for maximum comfort and minimal energy costs. Uses Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant. Covers up to 1,000 sq. ft.


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The Pridiom Classic Series - 24,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter Mini Split System is designed to quietly cool any room, up to 1,000 Square Feet.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are considered the most energy-efficient cooling solution because they eliminate the need for ducts. Transporting air through a duct can cause a loss of energy of up to 30%. Ductless mini split air conditioners have two major components: a compressor (or condenser) that is located outside of the home, and an air-handling unit, which is located inside of the home. Single zone mini-split air conditioners treat the air in one area of the home and are ideal for instances where one room must be treated. One common application is when a new room that has been added to a house that already has an existing central air system. Applications in other types of buildings include: recording studios, school classrooms; perimeter cooling for office buildings; additional cooling for restaurant kitchens; and cooling for small offices within larger spaces, such as arenas, warehouses, and auditoriums.

Single Zone Mini-split Inverter Systems are an excellent choice for computer server rooms because the heat generated from the servers does not interfere with the compressor or condenser coils.

Pridiom Inverter Series

Pridom's Inverter Series uses advanced inverter to achieve temperature changes with ease and to maintain the temperature. Inverter series systems are up to 65% more energy efficient than conventional mini-split systems. The system works by converting the voltage entering the home from an alternating current to a direct current, allows the unit to use less energy while subtly increasing or decreasing the speed of the compressor.

Single Zone Mini Split AC Heat Pumps

Features of the Pridiom Inverter Series PMS241CL

  • Advanced Inverter Technology – Constantly adjusts the BTU output to maximize comfort and minimize energy operating costs.
  • Wireless Remote Control – Allows the temperature to be monitored and adjusted (within the line-of-sight).
  • Dehumidifier Mode – The PMS241CL removes over 127 pints of moisture per day.
  • Auto Swing Louvers
  • Auto Restart – In the event of a power failure, the unit will automatically restart to the programmed settings.
  • Follow Me – feature allows the remote control to be used as the temperature sensor so that the room temperature is controlled at the location of the remote
  • Sleep Mode
  • Low Ambient Temperature Operation
  • Industry Leading Warranty – 5 Year Compressor | 3 Year Parts | 1 Year Labor (limited)
  • Aqua-Krome Gold – An advanced coating placed on the coils to inhibit corrosion and more importantly, to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, etc., thus improving the air that is breathed.
  • Installation Kit Included – Includes all pre-charged & insulated refrigerant lines and all necessary wiring for installation on the unit.
    Installation kits include; 25′ of double-insulated line set with flare nuts connected | 30′ of communications wire | 7′ whip (power cord), which may be packed with condenser | 3″ protective wall sleeve | Vinyl insulating wrap
  • Cooling Mode – When the system is set to cooling mode the fan on the indoor unit will always run. The fan running constantly allows the system to continuously sample the air so as to determine whether the compressor should be turned on. The fan also works to constantly clean the air and to boost comfort levels in the space.
  • Heating Mode – When the system is set to heating mode, the indoor fan will only run when the heating element is at the correct temperature and the system is calling for heat.
  • Auto Mode – In auto mode, the system provides auto changeover. Within a +/- 2°F window, the system will sense the difference in air temperature and set point and will change modes between heating and cooling to maintain the set point temperature

Specifications of the Pridiom Classic Series Ductless Mini Split Systems PMS241CL

Nominal Cooling Capacity 24,000 BTU
BTU Capacity Range 6,500 – 25,000
SEER | EER 16 | 9.2
HSPF | CoP 9 | 2.3
Energy Star No
Ambient Temp. Cooling Range 5 – 112°F
Ambient Heating Range -4 – 112°F
Dehumidifier 5.3 pints per hour / 127 PPD
Electrical 208/230V – 60Hz – 1Ph
Current Rated Cooling 10.9 Amp | Max – 13.2
Current Rated Heating 10.1 Amp | Max – 13.3
Power Use – Cooling | Heating 2.5 kW | 2.3 kW
Max Overload Protection 25 A
Indoor Air Circulation (CFM) Low – 510 | Medium – 570 | High – 680
Indoor Noise dB(A) Low – 42 | Medium – 45 | High – 50
Indoor Fan Speed (RPM) Low – 940 | Medium – 1040 | High – 1245
Outdoor Noise dB(A) 60
Connection Method Flare or Braze
Max. Refrigerant Pipe Length 98 Ft.
Min. Refrigerant Pipe Length 15 Ft.
Max. Elevation Difference 66 Ft.
Refrigerant Pipe Size 3/8″ x  5/8″
Inside (Evaporator) Unit Dimensions 40″ W x 14″ H x 12.7″ D
Inside Unit Weight 30 lbs.
Outside (Condenser) Unit Dimensions 38″ W x 15.6″ H x 29.7″ D
Outside Unit Weight 110.2 lbs.
Approvals ETL / cETL / AHRI | Performance Certified 210/240
Industry Leading Warranty 5 Year Compressor | 3 Year Parts | 1 Year Labor (limited)
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24,000 BTU Single Zone Installation Kit

Pridiom Mini-Split Installation Kit

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