Interceptor-2000 – Industrial Strength Commercial Air Cleaner

2000 CFM Industrial Strength Commercial Air Cleaner is designed for super tough indoor air pollution problems. First Choice for Auto Body Shops, Welding Shops, and Spray Paint Booths.

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Think you've got a tough indoor pollution problem? Meet the solution! With a whopping 25 inches of advanced filtering media, the Interceptor 2000 Industrial Strength Commercial Air Cleaner provides the most aggressive contaminant removal for the most demanding environments.

For difficult or demanding industrial environments, including auto body shops, welding shops, spray paint booths, etc, only the most vigorous filtration is acceptable. The I-2000 Air Purifier is the Industrial Workhorse of our Commercial Air Cleaner Systems. The Interceptor 2000 industrial air cleaner is capable of removing heavy dust, smoke, oil mist, odors, gases, chemicals and many more contaminants. This unit is a money-saver by allowing you to recycle your heated or cooled air, rather than exhausting to the outside. Saves you money year-round! 1 I-2000 industrial air cleaner recommended for every 1500 - 2000 sq. ft. (approximately).

How does the Interceptor-2000 Industrial Air Cleaner work?...

Our Interceptor 2000 Industrial Strength Commercial Air Cleaner uses a powerful blower to draw the air from dust laden or smoke-filled areas. As the air is drawn through a whopping 25" of high-efficiency filter media, 95% of the chemicals, VOC's, odors, oil mist, smoke particles, etc. are removed on each pass. The clean air that is constantly discharged into the area is refreshing and remarkably free of contaminants. This is particularly beneficial for workers in highly contaminated areas such as spray paint booths, body shops, manufacturing or factories. Even microscopic airborne particles are trapped. Everyone prefers breathing air that's been cleaned of the many pollutants that can cause discomfort, stuffiness and long-term health issues.

25 Inches of Superior Filtration in the Interceptor-2000

  • Stage 1 - Pleated Pre-Filter (4") – MERV-8 – The pre-filters capture mold spores, large dust particles, hair spray, cement dust, paint spray, etc. Their efficiency is rated approximately 85% for particles as small as 3 microns. The Pre-filter will capture the larger particles and will pro-long the life of subsequent filters.
    (Replace every 1-2 months. ) 
  • Stage 2 - Multi-pocket Bag Filter (15") – 60-65 efficiency – The multi pocket filter is capable of removing heavy dust, smoke, oil mist, odors, gases, chemicals and many more contaminants from the air. The unique design of a multi pocket filter allows the air to pass through an increased surface area with a less restrictive airflow. Each pocket is designed to hold particles until it's fully inflated while maintaining adequate airflow between adjacent pockets.
    (Replace every 3 months.)
  • Stage 3 - HEPA Filter (6") – 90/95 ASHRAE – The HEPA filter in the Interceptor 2000 is a throw-away filter in a rigid metal frame. As air passes into the HEPA filter, any remaining particles that made their way past the bag filters (such as smoke, dust, etc.,)  attach to the filter media and are trapped. Proper maintenance of the HEPA filter is absolutely essential to the functionality of the Interceptor 2000 industrial air cleaner.
    (Replace every 12 months.)

Interceptor 2000 Industrial Strength Commercial Air Cleaner Specifications

Capacity Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
2 Speed High – 1650 CFM  |   Low – 1450 CFM
Installation Options Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount
Dimensions 48″ x 24″ x24″
Cabinet Options 16 gauge steel
Weight Shipping – 200 lbs. | Installed – 160 lbs.
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz | 10 amps
Power Cord 10′ long | 3 prong grounded plug
3 Filter System
(Included with Unit)
1- 4″ Pleated Pre-Filter – MERV-8 – Replace every 1-2 months.
1 – 15″ Multi-pocket Bag Filter – 60-65 efficiency – Replace every 3 months.
1 – 6″ Final Stage HEPA Filter – 90/95 ASHRAE – Replace every 12 months.
Motor Torsion flex w/auto shut-off. Direct drive centrifugal blower.
Warranty All Systems carry a lifetime motor/blower warranty*
Certifications All electrical components are UL listed & CSA certified
NOTE: The Interceptor-2000 is equipped with 4 eye bolts installed 16″ on center on top of each unit for easy installation. Also included are 4 “S” hooks, 4 eye lags and industrial hanging wire. Plug in or hard wire.
*Lifetime Blower/Motor warranty applies if filters are changed as required and are purchased from Pure n Natural Systems, Inc.

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