HW-500 Deodorizer Flush Mount Air Freshener 500 Sq. Ft.

Eliminate Odors Naturally with the Newaire HW-500 Air Deodorizer. Recessed ceiling/wall mount unit will eliminate odors up to 500 square feet. Ideal for public washrooms, nursing homes, day care centers, offices, hospitals, hotel rooms, etc.

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The Newaire HW-500 Air Purifying, Odor Eliminating System will Naturally Deodorize rooms up to 500 square feet. This is the ideal unit for eliminating most in-room odors caused by smoke, mildew, mold, pets, chemicals, urine, garbage, cooking, etc.

The HW-500 air deodorizer/odor eliminator circulates the perfect balance of negative ions and activated oxygen emissions for a 100% naturally clean environment. With an inexpensive and simple twice per year replacement cartridge, these units will deodorize rooms up to 500 square feet. The HW-500 is perfect for removing odors in public bathrooms, rest stops, nursing homes, hotel rooms, day care centers, offices, apartments, hospitals, restaurants, animal shelters, etc. Its silent operation and unobtrusive design will keep even the worst odors at bay. The HW-500 can be hard-wired to virtually any wall or ceiling double-gang box. Plus, it has a 15 year + life expectancy!

The HW-500 is perfect for...New Construction - Hotel Rooms - Nursing Homes - Hospitals - Kitchens - Hallways - Professional Offices - Den/Smoking Rooms - Pet Rooms - Public Restrooms - Locker Rooms - Bathrooms - and more!

HW-500 Air Deodorizer / Odor Eliminator Features & Specifications

Capacity Up to 500 Sq. Ft.
Installation Ceiling or wall mounted
Recessed On/Off Switch To prevent accidental shut-offs
Dimensions 4.625″ L  x 4.5″W  x 2″H (1/2″ exposed | 1-1/2″ recessed)
Weight 8.8 oz.
24/7 Operation Silent (no fan) whisper quiet, continuous operation
Maintenance Easy to replace ozone cartridge every 6 months
Easy to replace negative ion cartridge every 2 years
Electrical Hard-wired, double-gang box 120V/60Hz, 3 watts
Amperage 30 milliamps
Warranty Limited 2 Year
Certifications ETL Listed

Replacement Ion Cartridge

Replacement Ion Cartridge

Replacement Negative Ion Cartridge for HW-250 and HW-500. Replace every 2...

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Replacement Ozone Cartridge – 2 Pack

HW-500 Ozone Cartridge - 2 Pack

2-Pack Replacement Cartridges for HW-250 and HW-500 flushmount deodorizer. Change cartridge every 6...

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