Vertex – Hot (RED) Dispensing Assembly for PureWaterCoolers

Hot Button Assembly for Vertex PureWaterCooler Bottleless Water Coolers.

SKU: Vertex-HDA


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Replacement Hot Button / Spigot for Vertex PureWaterCoolers. Includes entire hot button dispenser assembly and replacement instructions.

Used in the following Vertex Bottleless Water Coolers;

PWC-500 series

PWC-600 series

PWC-1000 series

PWC-1500 series

PWC-2000 series

PWC-3500 series

PWC-7000 series


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PWC-500-White, PWC-500-Gray, PWC-600-White, PWC-600-Gray, PWC-1000-White, PWC-1000-Gray, PWC-1500-Silver/Black, PWC-1500-Gray/Black, PWC-2000-White, PWC-2000-Gray, PWC-3000-White, PWC-3000-Gray, PWC-3500-White, PWC-3500-Gray, PWC-7000


CL1-9207 – CL19207

CL2-9007 – CL2-9007

CL5-9606 – CL59606

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