48″ Full Spectrum Fluorescent Light Tubes

F32T8 - 48" x 1" - 32 Watt Full Spectrum Light Tubes are sold in packs of 4. Reproduces natural daylight indoors.

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Full Spectrum Light Tubes from Verilux are designed to mimic natural daylight for enhanced clarity and color without eyestrain. These light tubes contain no UV.

Engineered to reproduce all the colors and balance of natural light, Verilux® full spectrum tubes feature Trucolite Phosphor Technology which includes the use of a stable, custom blend of earth phosphors that create bright, balanced full spectrum light.

It's a known fact that your eyes' photo-receptors work best when exposed to the full and balanced spectrum of visible light. When visible light is balanced, your brain can more efficiently create an accurate representation of the world around you. By adding full spectrum light to your environment, readers, crafters, hobbyists, etc., will notice better contrast, clarity and color separation. Full spectrum light allows anyone to read longer, with better concentration and without headaches or eyestrain. Older customers report that full spectrum light helps them overcome the visual challenges of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Advantages of Verilux Full Spectrum Light Tubes

  • Makes visually demanding tasks easier to perform
  • Brings the brilliance of true colors to life
  • Reduces glare, thereby lessening eye fatigue and strain
  • Helps with reading, tasks, artwork, crafting
  • Verilux Full Spectrum Light Tubes are used by artists, gemologists, zoo keepers, horticulturists, teachers, office workers, hospital staff, and are perfect for workshops, museums, schools, offices and homes.
  • Tropical fish, amphibians and reptiles benefit from natural spectrum lighting in their enclosures since accurate color rendering is vital for reproductive and feeding purposes.
  • House plants will always thrive when healthy fluorescent light is available to provide steady and sustained growth.

Specifications of the Verilux F32T8-SUN Full Spectrum Light Tubes

Bulb Size 48″ Long x T8 (1″) Diameter
Wattage 32
Kelvin Temperature 6280
Color Rendition Index (CRI) 94.1
Bulb Life 26,000 hours
Lumen Output 90% lifetime
Warranty 12 Month – Verilux proudly guarantees these light tubes to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal conditions for a period of 12 months. Every Verilux full spectrum light tube is thoroughly tested and examined for quality and safety.
Packaging Sold in cases of 4

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