Anna Little – The Petit Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

Profile view of Anna Little portable space heater
Anna Little is compact yet very effective at heating your indoor space.Back View of Anna - Portable Room HeatersTop View of Anna - Portable Space HeaterMeet Anna and Anna Little - Portable Space HeatersAnna Little will keep your space cozy warm.
Meet Anna Little by Stadler Form - The baby sister of Anna, Anna Little is a petite, portable fan heater. She'll add safe, soothing warmth to any smaller space in your home or office.

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Feel the Heat with Anna Little, the Petit, Discreetly Quiet, Personal Ceramic Fan Heater.

Stay warm with Anna Little by Stadler Form. She's a small, portable space heater who's not only hot, but quiet too. With her 2 power levels of 700 & 1200 watts, Anna Little will provide toasty warmth to any small room on those cool winter nights. And, Anna Little is cleverly designed for safety - she features an automatic tilt-protection shut-off and a non-overheating, self-regulating PTC ceramic heating element.  The Anna Little portable space heater will be a welcome addition to anyone who prefers warmth over chill.

Features of Anna Little, the Personal Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

  • Whisper quiet fan
  • Tilt-Protection
  • Automatic over-heating shut-off
  • Variable temperature setting

Specifications of Anna Little, the Personal Ceramic Space Heater by Stadler Form

Dimensions 5.75″ W x 9.29″ H x 3.74″ D
Weight 3.3 lbs.
Rated Power 12500 W | 700 W
Sound Level <46 dB(A)
Certifications ETL compliant
Warranty 1 Year Limited

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