AeroCure Replacement High Flow HEPA Filter

Replacement High Flow HEPA-type Filter for AeroCure DNA Dust & Allergy Air Purifier

SKU: A1-0030-1


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HEPA -type filter will allow the maximum amount of airflow while capturing 95% of all particles.

95% efficient high flow HEPA type filter will capture up to 95% of sub-micron particles including pollen, dust, ash, dander and other airborne allergens. This sturdy metal frame filter also has an additional layer of carbon for added capacity for a full 6" of filtering material that your air will travel through.

The Filter life display screen on your air purifier will indicate when filters need changing. Change sooner if airborne dust & allergens are especially frequent, or reduced airflow.

For the AeroCure DNA Dust & Allergy Air Cleaner.

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