AeroCure Dust & Allergy Portable Home Air Purifier

AeroCure Dust & Allergy Air Purifier
Air flow diagram of AeroCure Air PurifierAeroCure DNA has a top flow air discharge.The AeroCure looks great in any environment.
If you suffer from Allergies or Asthma, The AeroCure DNA Dust & Allergy Air Purifier is perfect for you - it's the worlds 'easiest-to-use' air purifier, designed by a Physician. Effective in areas up to 500 sq. ft.

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The AeroCure DNA Air Purifier will Quietly Remove Over 95% of the Dust and Allergens that Invade Your Home.

Designed to remove dust and allergens in home, the AeroCure DNA air purifier truly lives up to its promise. If you suffer from allergies, whether they're seasonal, pet related, or environmental, you'll appreciate the quiet yet super effective performance of the AeroCure DNA.  Its high flow rate will circulate over 300 cubic feet of air per minute, providing you and your family with cleaner, breathable, pure air.

The sleek & modern design of the AeroCure Dust & Allergy air cleaner will adapt to any indoor decor.  It's velvety black cabinet is constructed of steel. The on/off switch is located on the side of the unit, along with an easy-to-read filter life monitor. Smooth rolling casters provide effortless mobility from room to room anywhere in your home.

Two Filter Stages Provide Impressive Clean Air Results

  • Stage 1 - Carbon Pre-Filter - The carbon pre-filter is designed to remove larger particles and odors. As the air is drawn into the unit by it's powerful motor, the contaminated air moves through the pre-filter first. The 1" carbon bed will help to remove offensive odors, while keeping larger particles trapped.
  • Stage 2 - 95% HEPA Filter - Boasting a 95% efficiency rating, this high flow HEPA filter has an additional layer of carbon for added capacity. This filter will allow the maximum amount of airflow while capturing 95% of all particles. With its quality-made metal frame, the super efficient HEPA filter weighs in at a generous 4 pounds, providing enough media to capture the smallest particles for up to 2 years.

Features of the AeroCure DNA Dust & Allergy Air Purifier

  • Made in the USAAssembled in the USA with top quality materials
  • Easy to Read Digital Display - let's you know when it's time to change filters
  • Simplicity of Operation - Powerful, efficient and effective with just one speed, one button.
  • Safe for Your Environment - Certified ozone-free by the California Air Resources Board.
  • High Air Flow - 300 CFM
  • High Efficieny - 95% Merv 15 Filter
  • Helps with Stubborn Odors - Carbon Plus Pre-Filter
  • Quite Operation - 50 db at high setting
  • Portable - Ball bearing wheels for easy movement

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