VisionAir-1 MediaMax Air Cleaner

VisionAir-1 MediaMax Commercial Smoke Eater - 600 CFM air cleaner removes smoke, dust, pollen, etc. Can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing. Includes wireless remote control. For areas up to 6,000 cu ft.


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The VisionAir-1 MediaMax Smoke Eater is a revolutionary, innovative commercial air cleaner that's distinguishable by performance, design, ease of operation and flexibility. Not only is it the smartest system, it's the quietest too!

The VisionAir 1 MediaMax high performance commercial air cleaners are perfect for removing smoke, dust and other airborne pollutants in bars, restaurants, clubs, gaming facilities, bingo halls, offices, daycare centers, hospitals, wellness facilities and more! VisionAir1 MediaMax air cleaners are versatile and practical in design. They are a perfect fit for almost any room. The VisionAir-1 MediaMax Commercial Smoke Eater includes ceiling mount hardware. See additional mounting options below.

On its quietest setting, the sound level of the VisionAir Smoke Eater is lower than that of an average PC!
Two of the many priorities in the design of the VisionAir unit are user-friendliness and versatility. Dirty filters can be replaced in no time by clean ones, and with a simple-to-use retrofit kit, the ElectroMax and MediaMax filters can be interchanged. The Countdown Timer, a standard feature on each VisionAir, indicates when the disposable filter needs replacing.

MediaMax Filters - The MediaMax filter is constructed of an antimicrobial-treated, paper-based material fold and reinforced to strengthen the filter and enhance the surface area. As polluted air flows through the pores of the filter, particles are trapped, effectively screening out airborne contaminants.

The highly attractive and extremely effective VisionAir-1 MediaMax air cleaners remove many kinds of pollutants from the air while contributing to a healthier living and working environment. VisionAir air cleaners have a noticeably positive effect on work performance, productivity and reduction of illness-related absence. When you choose VisionAir, you show that you care about the well being of your employees, customers and visitors. 1 VisionAir-1 MediaMax air cleaner is recommended for every 6,000 cubic feet.

VisionAir-1 MediaMax Smoke Eater Features and Options

  • Air Quality Monitor - The Air Quality Monitor automatically ensures an optimum condition of the air. When you switch it on, VisionAir operates without further need for manual control. The air monitor measures the pollution continuously and adjusts the fan speed accordingly so that you do not have to bother with the controlling of the air cleaner.
  • Service Interval Adjustment - Select the pollution level of the room and the service life of the filter is adjusted accordingly.
  • Manual Lockout - Prevents unauthorized adjustments to settings.
  • Wireless Remote Control - Convenience, full-function control of your air cleaner from anywhere in the room. Wireless remote control menu options include;
    • Service interval adjustment - Select the pollution level of the room and the service life of the filter is adjusted accordingly.
    • Air quality analyzer sensitivity - The higher sensitivity selected, the quicker the reaction time to changes in pollution levels.
    • Manual lockout - Prevents unauthorized adjustments to settings.
    • Maximum fan speed - User selectable maximum fan speed for sound-sensitive areas.
  • Component Modularity - VisionAir's unique modular design uses the same internal components (motor, fan, remote control, etc.) for both MediaMax and ElectroMax units, making it easy to change from an electronic air cleaning unit to a media filter unit... right in the field.

VisionAir-1 MediaMax Specification

Room Volume Up to 6,000 cubic feet
 Air Flow 600 CFM
3 Stage Air Cleaning System Prefilter- Disposable – removes coarse particles from the air.f
MediaMax Filter – Disposable – large effective surface area for low resistance and high dirt collection capacity.
Activated Carbon Filter – Absorbs unpleasant odors.
Mounting Options Wall Mount
Ceiling Mount (ceiling mount hardware included)
Recessed Ceiling Mount
Free Standing Mount
Pedestal Mount
Corner Mount
Dimensions 24.8″ x 24.4″ x 11.4″
Max. Build-in Height 8.3″
Weight 33 lbs.
Power Supply 115 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 118 W
Agency C/U Listed
Warranty 1 Year


VisionAir 1 MediaMax – Replacement MediaMax Filter – 33-10040-0003

VisionAir MediaMax Replacement Filter

Replacement MediaMax Filter – The MediaMax filter is folded in such a way that it has a large effective surface...

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VisionAir 1 Replacement Prefilter – 33-10040-0002

VisionAir 1 Pre Filter

Replacement Prefilter – The prefilter traps the coarser dust particles and other...

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VisionAir 1 Replacement Activated Carbon Filter – 33-10040-0005

Replacement Carbon Filter for VisionAir

Replacement Activated Carbon Filter – The 1″ thick activated carbon filter helps to remove unpleasant...

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