TM-1000 – Task Master – Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

The Powerful TM-1000 Task Master Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner is designed for Industrial Applications where smoke, dust and particulate are of concern.

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The Task Master TM1000 dust collector offers complete user versatility to clean the air in your shop area. Multiple attachments provide high-efficiency cleaning no matter what the application.

The Task Master TM1000 by MicroAir can handle tough air cleaning jobs in your shop or plant. Best suited for welding or grinding applications, the TM-1000 utilizes the unique and exclusive Roto-Pulse self-cleaning cartridge filters. These cartridges are designed to reduce filter replacement costs, as the filter elements are continually cleaned by compressed air. Because this cleaning system cleans the entire surface of the cartridge, it has proven to be far more effective, than the traditional reverse-jet system, thus extending filter life. The TM1000 is ideal for maintenance and source capture applications where pollution control is required.

NOTE: The TaskMaster TM1000 is sold as a base unit and does NOT come with arms. It comes with 120V Autopulse and 2 - high efficiency 80/20 cartridge filters (284 sq. ft. media). See Related Accessories Tab for all attachments (including arms) & options available.

With it's powerful 1000 CFM, the TM-1000 provides maximum versatility. It's 120V, single phase plug & play power module can be equipped with any number of options for multiple applications including factories, plants, manufacturing facilities, grinding or welding shops, etc.

The Task Master TM-1000 is Loaded with Features and Benefits

  • High Capacity Cleaning - New highly efficient high-capacity blower motor assembly provides 1,000 CFM, nominal performance in a very compact, portable power unit. The TM1000 simply offers more cleaning capacity than other units similar in size.
  • Compact Design - The powerful TM1000 is contained within a trim 25-1/2" x 32-1/2" footprint, so it can be maneuvered in tight areas where limited access is available.
  • Dual, Self-Cleaning Cartridges - Exclusive Roto-Pulse® high efficiency cartridge cleaning system assures that cartridges clean your air at top efficiency.
  • Wide Range of Filter Options - Choose the filter options that meet your needs. HO Spunbound; 99.97% HEPA afterfilter to control minute particulate; activated charcoal modules to control odor.
  • Versatility - Now you can have the versatility to clean the air all around your shop with just one power source, and your choice of multiple attachments. Choose the attachment best suited for the job.
  • Broad Choice of Attachments - Select only the attachments that fit your applications. When conditions, change, no need to buy another air cleaner... just add an attachment. Maximum versatility ensures maximum return on your investment.
  • Low Power Requirements - The TM1000 can be used anywhere 120V single phase electricity is available. Just plug it in - no special wiring needed.

Optional Attachments for the Task Master

  • Articulated Arms - Four sizes available - 6" or 8" diameter | 7' or 9' length
  • Dual Articulated Arms - Conveniently sized 4" diameter with 5' or 7' length
  • Downdraft Table - Handy working surface for welding and grinding - 24" W x 18" D
  • Backdraft Hood - Easy way to capture smoke, dust & fumes at a workstation - 24" W x 12" H
  • Long Reach Flex Hose - Reach across obstacles or into tight areas.  15' or 25' lengths with removable hood

TaskMaster TM-1000 Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner Specifications

Base Unit Dimensions: 25-1/2” W x 32-1/2” L x 44-1/2” H
Weight: Base – 300 lbs. | Shipping – 350 lbs.
Cabinet / Finish: 16 gauge welded steel – Industrial grade textured baked crimson red enamel paint inside and out
Casters: 5” industrial grade – 2-swivel & 2-fixed for easy mobility
Attachment Connection: Adapter collar bolts to top of power module
Filtration: Two (2) high efficiency 80/20 cartridges, 284 SF media
Cartridge Filter Cleaning: Manually activated, self-cleaning roto-pulse system – requires 80 PSI air connection
Filter Access: Side load through hinged door for easy access
Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, 60 Hz, TEFC motor, thermally protected
Blower: High pressure direct drive blower, 3450 RPM
Air Volume: 1000 CFM nominal
Noise Level: 72 – 76 dB(A) @ 6 ft. from base of unit
Controls: Front, cabinet mounted on/off switch, manual pulse button for cartridge cleaning

Replacement 80/20 Cartridges for Task Master TM-1000

Replacement 80/20 Cartridges for Task Master TM-1000

Set of 2 replacement 80/20 filters for the TM-1000 Task Master Direct Source Capture Air...

$356.00 Add to cartCompare

Long Reach Flex Hose Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Long Reach Flex Hose for TaskMaster Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

Long Reach Flex Hose Attachment – Available in 15′ and 25′ lengths. Includes removable, magnetic...

$884.00$1,231.00 Select optionsCompare

Backdraft Hood Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Backdraft Hood Attachment for TaskMaster Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

Capture fumes and dust from welding, grinding or soldering with the portable backdraft hood...

$850.00 Add to cartCompare

Downdraft Table Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Downdraft Table Attachment for TM1000 Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

Protect your worker’s breathing and vision zones with a downdraft table attachment. Captures fumes and dust from...

$1,253.00 Add to cartCompare

Dual Articulated Arm Attachment for TM-1000 Source Capture Air Cleaner

Dual Arm Attachment for TM1000 Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

Dual articulated arm attachment is available in 4″ diameter with 5′ or 7′ lengths. Perfect for 2...

$3,187.00 Select optionsCompare

TM1000 Single Articulated Arm for Source Capture Air Cleaning

Single Articulated Source Capture Arm for TM-1000 Air Cleaner

Articulated arms are available in four sizes – 6″ or 8″ diameter | 7′ or 9′...

$1,855.00$2,388.00 Select optionsCompare

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