TarBarrier Pre-Filters for Airpura T600 Smoke Air Purifier – 6-Pack

6-pack TarBarrier Pre-filters for Airpura T600 Smoke & Odor Air Purifiers.


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The First Stage of Filtration in the Airpura T600 Smoke Removal Air Purifier

TarBarrier Pre-Filter – Traps tobacco tars like a cigarette filter.  It can be vacuumed (from the outside of the unit) every 1-3 months depending on usage. Replacing the pre-filter on a regular basis is important in order to maintain the integrity and life of the Carbon filter. The TarBarrier prefilter is 1″ thick and contains 570 square inches of material. (For black units, a black pre-filter sleeve is also available for aesthetic purposes.)

For use in the following Airpura air purifier models;


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