SmokeMaster X-400 | Electronic Air Cleaner – Smoke Eater

175-400 CFM | Electronic Flush Mount Smoke Eater - The Smokemaster X-400 quietly captures both airborne particles and gaseous odors and contaminants. It's ideal for cigarette smoke removal in homes, offices, meeting rooms, employee lounges or beauty salons.

PLEASE NOTE: The X-400 has not been tested for compliance to California Air Resource Board requirements and may not be shipped to California.

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The Smokemaster X-400 Electronic Air Cleaner fits flush mounted into any 2' x 2' drop ceiling tile. Ideal for office or residential smoking areas up to 400 square feet.

The X-400 air cleaner features a high efficiency electrostatic cell designed to capture both particulate and gaseous contaminants. The attractive grille fits flush with the ceiling and is completely inconspicuous. The cabinet is hidden in the space above a single 2' x 2' drop ceiling tile.

Comprehensive Flush Mount Filtration System

  • First, a fan draws contaminated air through a pre-filter which collects large particles such as hair, lint & pollen.
  • Next, individual particles receive an electrical charged in the cell ionizing section.
  • Particles adhere to oppositely charged collector plates until cleaned.
  • Optional activated carbon filters adsorb odors and gases to further freshen the air.
  • Clean air is then discharged back into the room.

Ideal applications include - Lobby/Reception areas, Sales Offices, Conference Rooms, Computer Rooms, Executive Offices, Clerical Areas, Cafeterias, Phone or Reservation Areas, Employee Lounges, Showrooms, Lounges, Salons, and more!

How does the Smokemaster X400 Electronic Air Cleaner work?...


The X-400 success is due to the "Coanda Aerodynamic Principle". Effective 360° airflow gently and evenly distributes clean air and returns dirty air to the unit. The unique 4-way method of air re-circulation gets the maximum amount of contaminated air to the machine most efficiently. More air reaches the Smokemaster while eliminating annoying drafts. This eliminates "stuffy" air pockets and creates people comfort as well as much better air cleaning results!

Features & Benefits of the Smokemaster X-400 Electronic Air Cleaner

  • High Efficiency - Removes dust, smoke, pollen and other particles using high efficiency electronic collector cells.
  • Quiet - Three-speed controller is standard and allows for quiet operation without sacrificing effectiveness. It's ideal for private offices, conference rooms or other areas where noise may be a concern.
  • Easy Installation - Special mounting brackets simplify the installation and do not require any additional space above the cabinet height of 13-5/8".
  • Economical - Permanent electronic collector cells assure low operating cost by eliminating costly filter replacements. Moreover, because collector cells offer no airflow restriction, only limited horsepower is necessary, thus reducing noise and electrical draw.
  • Comprehensive - Includes 2 Carbon Post Filters for odor control.

Smokemaster X-400 Smoke Eater Specifications

Capacity Up to 400 Sq. Ft.
3 Speed High – 400 CFM  |  Medium – 275 CFM  |  Low – 175 CFM
Installation Options Flushmount – Fits into 1 – 2′ x 2′ ceiling tile
Dimensions 24″ x 24″ x 13-5/8″
Cabinet Sturdy, corrosion resistant steel – Off-White
Weight Shipping – 54 lbs. | Unit – 44 lbs.
Electrical 120V, 60 Hz
Current & Power Consumption High – 80W, .8 Amps | Medium – 65W, .6 Amps | Low – 50W, .4 Amps
Sound Level dB(A) High – 56.5  |  Medium – 50.5  |  Low – 45
Electronic Cell Collection Area 52.9 square feet
Efficiency Up to 97% per ASHRAE
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Certifications UL & CSA Listed
NOTE: 14″ clearance above drop ceiling required. Install by removing ceiling tile and dropping unit in. Plug in or hard wire.
Installation hardware included – 2 – support bars, 6 – #8 self-tapping sheet metal screws, 2 – flat washers, 2 – wire connectors

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