05053 – Lag Screw Kit for Ceiling Mount of Air Cleaners

Lag Screw Kit - Includes 4 lag screws and washers. Required for mounting C-12 unit to joist ceilings.

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Lag Screw Kit includes 4) 8 inch screws and washers for mounting air cleaner to joist ceilings.

Ceiling Mount Instructions for Lag Screw Kit

The Smokemaster C-12 is mounted by suspending it from the ceiling. The mounting holes in the C-12 are spaced 16 inches (406.5 mm) between centers in both directions. This makes it easy to fasten the air cleaner directly to the ceiling framework with 8" lag screws. Leave space for the power cord to run between the top of the C-12 and the ceiling. The power supply cord must not be concealed above ceilings or behind walls.

Lag Screw Kit Diagram
Note that the air cleaner is not suspended from the top but rather from the venturi place, which is heaver and designed to support the entire air cleaner.

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