SLJRUV-SB – Replacement Single Bulb for SpeedLight Jr. UVC Light System

SpeedLight Jr. Replacement Single Bulb for UVC HVAC Light System



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Replacement Single UV bulb for SpeedLight Jr. HVAC Air Cleaner

The SpeedLight Jr. is a powerful tool for improved indoor air quality.  It is recommended to replace lamps annually even if they appear to be operating normally because UV-C energy production diminishes over time.

This bulb fits the following SpeedLight Jr. UV Single Light Systems;

  • 12" - SLJR12-120V / SLJR12-24V
  • 14" - SLJR14-120V / SLJR14-24V
  • 16" - SLJR16-120V / SLJR16-24V


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