SED-1000V-HF- Replacement HEPA Filter for SED-1000-V Air Cleaner

Replacement 6" HEPA filter for SED-1000-V Whole House Ducted Air Cleaner.



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Replacing the HEPA filter annually is required in order to maintain the lifetime blower motor warranty.

The HEPA filter removes the very small particles, such as smoke (tobacco, burning wood, oil, rosin), dust mites, spores, mold spores, pollen, spray paint, spray paint dust, ashes, cement dust, auto emissions, textile fibers, fiberglass, hairspray, insecticide dust, copier toner and most viruses, just to name a few. As you can see, the HEPA filter is an extremely important filter and when used and maintained properly will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. We cannot stress enough the importance of the HEPA filter to our system and the fact the HEPA filter must be maintained in order to achieve the maximum results.

The HEPA filter cannot be washed and should be changed annually.

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