PR5.0-HEPA – HEPA Filter for PR5.0 Flush Mount Air Cleaner

Replacement HEPA filter for PR50.0. The HEPA filter CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed annually.



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Replacement HEPA Filter for PR5.0 Flush Mount Air Cleaner

The HEPA filter removes the very small particles. The HEPA filter is an extremely important filter and when used and maintained properly will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. We cannot stress enough the importance of the HEPA filter in the PR5.0 air cleaner. In order to achieve maximum air cleaning results, change the HEPA filter once per year.

Replace the 6" HEPA filter every year in your PR5.0 to maintain the lifetime blower motor warranty.

PR5.0 Small Area Flushmount Ceiling Air Filter

PR5.0 Quiet Small Area Ceiling Air Filter

200 CFM – 1 unit covers approximately 200 sq. ft. Flush mount system with 3 filtration stages. Installation...

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