QTKIT-1800 | Ozone Generator Maintenance Kit – QT Lightning & QT Hurricane

Keep your QT Lightning & Hurricane Ozone Generators running at peak performance. Perform a simple cleaning and maintenance every 6 months.



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Ozone Generator Preventative Maintenance Kit

Any device that pulls air through it requires cleaning and/or preventative maintenance. Consider heating & air conditioning systems, automobile air filters, portable air cleaners, etc. Your QT Lightning and QT Hurricane ozone generators also require occasional maintenance to keep them operating at PEAK performance.

Each kit includes;

  • (4) Ceramic Dielectric Plates
  • (2) .125 milliamp fuses
  • (6) Alcohol Wipes
  • (6) Sporax Anti-microbial Filters
  • (1) Cleaning Instructions

For use in the following ozone generators;

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