Plug-In Car Air Freshener – Auto Air Deodorizer

The NewAire Auto II Car Deodorizer is so easy to use, all you have to do is plug it into the DC outlet and you'll enjoy fresh, clean air while you drive! Easily rid your automobile, car, truck, van or any other vehicle, of odors, smoke, gases, molds and pollen.



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The NewAire Auto II Automobile plug-in air freshener and deodorizer fights bacteria, smoke, odors, mold, mildew and other problem odors in your vehicle NATURALLY, without harsh, smelly chemicals.

Rid your vehicle, once and for all, of those offensive smells and odors! Stop masking them with the overwhelming aroma of perfumes and chemical air fresheners. Not only are those aromatic chemicals a nuisance to your nose, it's been proven time and time again that they're not healthy to breathe in, especially in a small, confined area such as your car, truck, van or RV.

For that naturally fresh, clean air smell that you get when opening the window on a beautiful day, you need a car-sized air purifier - you need the NewAire Auto II automobile plug-in air deodorizer. Easily plug it into the DC outlet and it silently goes to work on odor elimination. No filter changes required - absolutely no chemicals to give you headaches. With the perfect balance of negative ions and activated oxygen, you'll want one for every vehicle in your family!

Features and Benefits of the NewAire Auto II Automobile Plug-In Air Freshener

  • 100% Natural
    No chemicals, just clean fresh air Mother Nature's Way
  • Negative Ion Function
    Improves the air quality in your vehicle by removing airborne particulate
  • No Filters!
    Self-contained, no parts or chemicals to replace or change
  • Silent!
    Goes to work silently and effectively
Q: Hello, How long does this product last? Do I need to replace it after a certain period of time? thanks
— Asked by Mary on June 23, 2016
A: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manufacturer, this product has a 5 year life expectancy.
— Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

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