MAWH-1 – Whole Home HEPA Air Cleaning System

For residential and commercial air handlers up to 800 CFM/2 tons. Three stage air cleaning system works in tandem with your central air handling system.



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The MA-WH-1 whole house HEPA air cleaner will fill your home with clean, fresh, filtered air.

The MA-WH-1 air purifier is a versatile, efficient, 3-stage air cleaner designed for whole house air purification. It's small enough to be suspended from floor joists or mounted in attics to serve in single-room applications, but powerful enough to clean the air for an entire home or office. It's designed to be easily adapted to existing heating and air conditioning systems using standard HVAC components. The MA-WH-1 has a CFM of 200 but can work in air handlers up to 800 CFM.

The MA-WH-1 can be installed as a single room air cleaner, independent from your HVAC system (Joist Mount), and mounted in an attic, crawl space or basement. Or, it can be used as a whole home air cleaner, installed directly on the return duct just before your furnace. Be sure to order your MA-WH-1 Whole House Air Cleaner as a Duct-Mount Installation or Joist-Mount Installation.

Click here for installation schematics;  MA-WH-1 Installation Options

The MA-WH-1 whole house air purifier also comes with a 1 year supply of filters. The air purifier is manufactured from 18 gauge steel, all welded construction and is fully insulated. There is a 5 year warranty on the maintenance-free motor and all other parts (excluding filters).

MA-WH-1 Whole House Air Purifier is available with Optional UV Sterilization

UV Bulb for Commercial Air CleanersWhy Ultraviolet? UV-C has a very specific duty to "destroy" biological growth - it does not replace air cleaning equipment! For example, the moist environment of an HVAC system can be a perfect breeding ground for airborne molds and micro-organisms. HVAC systems often lose efficiency when bacterial and mold growth becomes excessive. An air cleaner with a properly installed UV-C system ensures a bacteria and mold free coil, because the coil is constantly bathed in UV energy. This prevention of biological build-up results in greatly improved indoor air quality and a more efficient HVAC system.

Another common application for UV air treatment is to help eliminate persistently unpleasant odors that can occur in the home or workplace. While UV does not act directly to reduce odors, it treats what is often the source of the problem: biological contamination in the heating or AC system! Since UV light kills the organisms that have colonized there, unwanted odors have virtually no opportunity to permeate.

Specifications of the MA-WH-1 Whole House Air Cleaner

  • Dimensions – 30″H x 9″W x 18″D
  • Weight – 45 lbs.
  • Electrical – 120V, .75 amps
  • CFM – 200 – Can work in air handlers up to 800 CFM
  • Cabinet Finish – Gray – 18 gauge steel
  • Installation – In-line Duct Mounted or Joist Mounted
  • 1 Year Supply Filters Included – 6 – Polyester pre-filters | 3 – Activated carbon filters | 1 – 6″ HEPA filter

NOTE: The MA-WH-1 is designed for whole-house contractor-installed use with ducted heating/AC. Contact a local HVAC contractor for ductwork and air cleaner installation.

Be sure to order your MA-WH-1 Whole House Air Cleaner as a Duct-Mount Installation or Joist-Mount Installation. Click here for installation schematics;

Duct Mount Installation | Joist Mount Installation


UV-COM – Optional UV Sanitizer for Commercial Air Cleaners

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FK-WH-1 – Annual Filter Kit for MA-WH-1 Air Cleaner

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Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb

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