M20/V-PF – Set of 12 Pre-Filters for MARK-20-V Smoke Eater

Set of 12 pre-filters for MARK-20/V Smoke Air Purifier. Pre-filters CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed monthly or as needed.



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MARK-20-V Replacement Pre-Filters

The pre-filter is the first stage in your MARK-20V Smoke Eater and should be changed at least once per month. It removes larger particles such as lint, hair, dust and pollen. The pre-filter is important because not only does it remove the larger particles, it also helps prolong the life of the HEPA filter in the system. Essentially, the pre-filter is the first line of defense in maintaining your system; therefore promoting better indoor air quality.

Pre-filters cannot be washed and must be changed monthly.

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