FK-M15 – Annual Filter Kit for Mark-15 Commercial Smoke Eater

Annual Replacement Filter Kit for Mark-15 Commercial Smoke Eater. All filters are disposable and cannot be cleaned or washed.



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Annual Replacement Filter Kit for MARK-15 Commercial Smoke Eater

Each Annual Filter Kit Includes;

  • 12) - Tackified Pre-Filters - Change Monthly
  • 6) - Activated Carbon Filters - Change Every 2 Months
  • 1) - 12" HEPA Filter - Change Annually

Changing the filters in your MARK-15 Commercial Smoke Eater on a regular basis is required in order to maintain the lifetime blower motor warranty.


The pre filter should be changed at least once per month. It removes larger particles such as lint, hair, dust and pollen. This is important because it helps to prolong the life of the HEPA filter. Essentially, the pre filter is the first line of defense in maintaining your MARK-15 air cleaning system.
For maximum results, the pre-filter should be be replaced at least once per month.

Activated Carbon Filters

The activated carbon filter removes odors by adsorbing the odor molecules into the filter. This filter is great for removing odors, gases and VOCs. Because activated carbon can only adsorb a certain amount of odor molecules, the filter will become less effective if not properly maintained.
For maximum results, the carbon filter should be be changed every 2 months.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter in the MARK-15 Smoke Eater removes very small particles. These include smoke (tobacco, burning wood, oil, rosin), dust mites, mold spores and pollen. The HEPA filter can also remove spray paint, ashes, cement dust, auto emissions, textile fibers, fiberglass, hairspray, copier toner and most viruses, just to name a few. The HEPA filter is extremely important to achieve clean air. When used and maintained properly, the HEPA filter will dramatically improve your indoor air quality.
For maximum results, the HEPA filter should be be replaced once per year.

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