IQAir H13 Cleanroom Air Purifier

IQAir Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier - Designed for Airborne Particulate Control in Critical Areas
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The IQAir Cleanroom H13 is IQAir's most effective air purifier for particulate, especially microbiological control. The IQAir Cleanroom H13 air purifier can be used in residential, commercial and medical environments.

The IQAir Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier is an advanced air cleaning device designed for particulate filtration. The system has been especially designed for use in infection control units, TB isolation rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories controlled environments and cleanrooms up to Class 100. The IQAir Cleanroom H13 air purifier is effective against viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, house dust mite allergens and pollen. Additionally, the IQAir Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier controls combustion particles, powder particles and remodeling dust particles.

To allow for maximum air delivery and extra-long filter life, the H13 air purifier contains an extra-large surface pre-filter and HyperHEPA filter. There is no gas phase filtration. Both the pre-filter and the HyperHEPA filter are anti-microbially treated, to kill microorganisms on contact. Advanced anti-tampering features prevent the unauthorized opening or disconnection of the system in public areas.

Featured IQAir Cleanroom H13 Filtration Technology

  • Inside the IQAir H13 Clean Room Air PurifierPre-Filtration - PreMax™ antimicrobial high-accumulation, high capacity particulate pre-filter.
    Purpose - control of coarse and fine dust particles and mold spores; protection of subsequent filter
    Media - ASHRAE class F8 (55% efficient at 0.3 microns); micro-pleat with solvent-free separators
    Surface area - 60 sq. ft./antimicrobial media
    Average Filter Life - 6 - 18 months
    (based on 8 hours usage per day on speed setting 3)
  • HEPA Filter - HyperHEPA®; anti-microbial hospital grade high-efficiency particulate arresting filter
    Purpose - control of very fine particles such as allergens, bacteria, virus
    Media - EN1822 HEPA class H13; mini-pleat with solvent-free separators
    Surface Area - 60 sq. ft./antimicrobial media
    Average Filter Life - 2 - 4 years
    (based on 8 hours usage per day on speed setting 3)

Positive and Negative Pressure Environments

The IQAir Cleanroom H13 air cleaner can be used as a recirculation device or it can be combined with IQAir's ducting adapters. Negative pressure serves to contain pollutants in an isolation area. (e.g. TB isolation) Positive pressure protects a clean environment from uncontrolled infiltration of airborne contaminants from polluted areas. (e.g. protective isolation of immuno-compromised patients, controlled environments for medical device manufacturing).
(See accessories listed below for creating positive and negative pressure environments.)

Features of the IQAir Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier

  • Targeted Technology - Different indoor environments have different air cleaning needs. IQAir® has custom designed specific air purifier models to target specific groups of air pollutants. This approach maximizes effectiveness and minimizes cost.
  • Molecular Control - In addition to removing pollution particles, such as dust, bacteria and viruses, select IQAir air cleaners are highly effective in removing molecular air pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous chemicals and unpleasant odors.
  • Ultra-Quiet Design - IQAir's "fan-in-center" design places the fan motor in-between sound attenuating filters. The double-walled housing effectively reduces sound transmission. Rubber suspension pads systematically isolate motor vibration from the air cleaner housing. The result is an air purifier quiet enough for even the most noise sensitive environments.
  • Advanced Controls - Every IQAir room air purifier features six fan speeds and allows you to program the system for automatic operation via a day/night timer. The intelligent filter life monitor precisely forecasts filter replacement based on actual usage. A sleek remote control allows you to operate the air purifier from the comfort of your couch.
  • World-Class Performance - Swiss Quality - IQAir makes the only individually tested and certified air cleaners available for home use. Each air cleaner is individually tested and certified before it leaves the factory in Switzerland. Your IQAir air cleaner arrives to you with a hand-signed certificate of performance so that you will know the exact efficiency of your air cleaner.

Specifications of the IQAir Cleanroom H13 Room Air Purifier

  • Dimensions – 32″ H x 15″ W x 16″ D
  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Coverage – Up to 900 square feet
  • Air Flow – 6 Fan Speeds (in CFM) – 40 | 70 | 120 | 160 | 180 | 280
  • Maximum Energy Consumption – 195W
  • Power Requirements – 120V / 60Hz
  • Fan Motor – 700 CFM – UL/CSA Registered
  • Control Panel – 4-key touch pad with 32 character LCD display
  • Includes Remote Control
  • Air Intake – Dual arches at base of unit
  • Air Outlet – 320° EvenFlow™ diffuser.
  • LED Display Languages – English (default), French, German, Spanish
  • Housing – ABS (UV stabilized), non-offgasing, high impact resistant
  • Filters Included – 1 – Pre-filter, 1 – HEPA Filter
  • Warranty – 1 Year Parts and Labor (excluding filter elements)

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