41107 – Heavy Duty Polytron Pre-Filter for Smokemaster X11Q

Replacement heavy duty pre-filters for  the Smokemaster X11Q electronic air cleaner. Polytron pre-filters are constructed with denser material and a more rigid, sturdy metal.

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The heavy duty pre-filter is a wise investment that will save money over the life of your Smokemaster X11Q Smoke Eater.

If you've got a tough indoor pollution problem, then you need a heavy duty pre-filter. The heavy duty, industrial strength Polytron pre-filter will protect the cell more diligently because it captures more particles.

Our Polytron pre-filter is constructed with a denser, more rigid, sturdy metal.  They rarely need replacing because they don't degrade and won't detach from the frame due to washing and usage. Their construction keeps them from shedding aluminum “hairs” up in to the electronic cells which can cause sparking.

Heavy Duty Polytron Pre-Filter

For use in the following units;

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