FK-100G – Annual Filter Kit for PT-4G GreenMachine RO Water Purifier

Annual Filter Kit for the PT4G Green Machine Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

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GreenMachine Annual Filter Kit

Keep your PT-4G Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier maintained with this comprehensive filter kit. Each kit includes the following;

  • 1) Sediment Filter - 5-micron polyspun cartridge - The 5 micron polyspun water filter takes out suspended solids such as dirt, rust, sand, and pipe scale.
  • 1) Greenblock® Activated Carbon Block Filter - 5-micron activated carbon block water filter removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors.
  • 1) Granular Activated Carbon post-filter - When the faucet is opened, clean water from the storage tank flows through the final polishing water filter of activated carbon and into the faucet for your use. This special faucet is installed on your sink to dispense safe, good tasting drinking water which is especially good when used for coffee, tea and drinks.
  • 1) Filter Wrench
  • 2) "O" Rings
  • 1) Instruction Manual

(RO Membrane sole separately)

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