07133 – 44 lb. VOC Filter Kit for EverClear CM-11F Smoke Eater

V.O.C. filter replacement kit (20 carbon filters - 44 lbs.) for the EverClear CM-11-F.

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VOC Modules for EverClear CM-11F Smoke Eater

There are 2 VOC filter modules inside the CM-11F Smoke Eater. Each filter module holds 10 disposable carbon panels, for a total of 20 in each unit. The total weight of all 20 carbon filters is 44 pounds. The Smoke Eater CM-11F contains the highest amount of carbon available in a flush mount system.

Carbon is an excellent choice for removing odors, VOCs, and gases.  44 pounds of carbon is superior at removing pollution in indoor environments including cigar bars, welding shops, pet grooming facilities, wineries, breweries, billiard and pool rooms, bingo halls, bowling alleys, employee, car dealer showrooms, auto mechanic garages, hospitals, clinics, photography labs, restaurants and more.

For use in the EverClear CM-11F Smoke Eater

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