C12-E-Cig – Vape Shop Electronic Smoke Eater by Smokemaster

Specially designed for E-Cig, Vaping Shops, and Vapor Smoke, the SmokeMaster C12-ECig Electronic Cigarette Smoke Air Cleaner - The SmokeMaster C-12 captures both airborne particles such as dust and pollen plus gaseous contaminants, particularly from vaping and e-cigarette smoke. Ideal for areas up to 1,000 sq. ft.

PLEASE NOTE: The C12-E-Cig has not been tested for compliance to California Air Resource Board requirements and may not be shipped to California.

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The C12-E-Cig Smoke Eater is designed to specifically clean the air in E-Cig and Vape Shops.

The Smokemaster C12-ECig electronic cigarette air cleaner features specially designed electronic cells, a custom power supply and drip tray to capture accumulated vapor condensation. This is especially helpful in Cloud Chasing environments, or if your vape shop is in a strip mall.

Not all air cleaners are designed to eliminate vaping and e-cig smoke accumulation and residue. HEPA filters will quickly saturate with moisture from e-juice smoke and will become ineffective. Standard electronic air cleaners are better, however, they have no means to capture the vapor condensation.

The Smokemaster C-12-E-Cig Vaping smoke eater eliminates these worries.

The C12 Ecig includes an extremely effective heavy-duty cell for removing 'wet' or 'misty' smoke associated with vape juice smoke and e-cig smoke. A specially designed drip tray will collect any condensation so your air cleaner won't 'leak' or drip as it's collecting smoke mist.

Mount the Smokemaster C-12E-Cig on the ceiling or on the wall. It plugs into a regular 120V outlet. For best results, the air cleaner should be located near the concentration of smoke. The filters and components are easily accessible for periodic cleaning. Electronic cell detergent is available and recommended so you can clean your cells.

How does the Smokemaster C12-E-Cig Electronic Air Cleaner work?...

Smokemaster's key feature is the multi-directional airflow pattern; The Coanda Aerodynamic Principle.  The unique 4-way method of air re-circulation maximizes the amount of smoke mist that reaches the air cleaner. This airflow pattern assures that the maximum amount of contaminated air gets to the machine most efficiently. Once at the air cleaner, the smoke mist is collected onto the heavy-duty, washable cells. This process provides high-efficiency air cleaning, reduced overall maintenance costs and an environmentally friendly air cleaning solution.

 Features & Benefits of the Smokemaster C12-E-Cig Electronic Cigarette Air Cleaner

  • Custom high-voltage power supply optimizes cell capture efficiency
  • Two heavy-duty patented 'Advantage' electronic cells
    Technical Tip
    - E-cig vapor is mostly propylene glycol and glycerin. These two substances are conductive and do not evaporate well.  As a result, droplets form on the fins of the electronic cell. By maintaining cell-plate spacing and lowering the voltage applied to the charged fins, the Advantage cells in the E-Cig Smokemaster air cleaners allow the collected "juice" droplets to drip down without altering the effectiveness of the units.
  • Drip Tray catches stray propylene glycol and glycerin droplets that otherwise don’t evaporate.  It's super easy to empty & clean.
  • Discharge Louvers on 4 sides for optimum air circulation
  • 2 Color Options - Ivory, Black
  • Removable Pre-filters and Grille - Metal mesh pre-filters catch larger particles before entering the electronic cells.
  • System Indicator Lamp - Monitors the electrical output automatically indicating any system malfunction
  • Three-Speed Control with Energy Efficient Motor
  • Hinged Access Door - Allows easy access to components for periodic cell and pre-filter cleaning. Its safety interlock discharges all power when the door is opened. Built-in test button assures collector performance.
  • Optional wall switch kit available for easy operation.

Ideal applications for the Smokemaster C-12-Electronic Cigarette Air Cleaner include:
Vape Shops, E-Cigarette Shops, Vaping Cigarette Shops, E-Cig Vaping Bars, Vapor Bar

Smokemaster C12-E-cig Electronic Air Cleaner & Smoke Eater Specifications

Capacity Up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.
3 Speed High –  1,250 CFM  |  Medium – 1,050 CFM  |  Low – 800 CFM
Installation Options *Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount (wall mounting kit sold separately)
Dimensions 25″ L x 25″ W x 11-1/2″ H
Cabinet Galvanized steel construction with attractive and durable Autumn White or Black powder coat finish
Weight Shipping – 75 lbs. | Installed – 64 lbs.
Electrical 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current & Power Consumption High – 3.3A, 270W  |  Medium – 2.7A, 230W  |  Low 2.4A, 200W
Sound Level dB(A) High – 69  |  Medium – 65  |  Low – 57.5
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Certifications UL & CSA Listed
Due to variations of installation, the C-12 does not come with mounting hardware. Common installation options include;  3/8″ x 8″ Lag Bolts (Holes through the unit 16″ on center which matches most ceiling joists) | Light decorative chain or cable | 3/8″ threaded rod

Drip Tray for C-12-ECig Electronic Air Cleaner

E-Cig Drip Tray

The C-12 E-Cig Drip Tray is designed to catch propylene glycol and glycerin droplets that don’t...

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45037 – Simple Clean Cell Cleaning Detergent – 12 – 4 oz. Packets

Simple Clean Electronic Cell Cleaning Detergent

Simple Clean detergent is an easy way to clean your electronic cells. Includes 12 – 4 oz....

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07352 – Replacement E-Cig Advantage Collector Cell

Electronic Cell for E-Cig Air Cleaners

Replacement E-Cig Heavy-Duty ‘Advantage’ collector cell for Smokemaster E-Cig air...

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07351 – Replacement E-Cig Power Supply


Custom designed power supply for Smokemaster E-Cig electronic air cleaners. Replace only if...

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41067 – Heavy Duty Pre-Filters for Smokemaster C-12 – Set of 2

Smokemaster C12 Heavy Duty Pre-Filter Set

Replacement heavy duty pre-filters for  the Smokemaster C-12 electronic air cleaner are constructed with denser...

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41051 – Optional Carbon Post-Filter Set for C-12

41051 - Optional Carbon Filter Set for Smokemaster C-12 Electronic Air Cleaner

Set of 4 – Optional Activated Carbon Post-filters. The activated carbon post filters are effective in helping to...

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41009 – Smokemaster C12 Replacement Pre-filters – Set of 2

Smokemaster C12 Replacement Metal Mesh Pre-Filters

Set of 2 Replacement Pre-filters for SmokeMaster C-12 – Metal mesh pre-filters capture larger particles before...

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07006 – Wall Mount Kit

07006 - Ceiling Mount Kit for Smokemaster C12

Wall Mount Kit includes 2 wall mounting brackets with bolts attached. Also includes one blank plate to cover louvers on...

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05053 – Lag Screw Kit for Ceiling Mount of Air Cleaners

Lag Screw Kit for Commercial Air Cleaners

Lag Screw Kit – Includes 4 lag screws and washers. Required for mounting C-12 unit to joist...

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05007 – Optional 3-Speed Wall Switch Kit

3 Speed Wall Switch Kit

Optional three speed switch assembly mounts on wall for remote access to the C-12, CM-11 and CM-12 commercial air...

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38004 – Ionizing Wires for Smokemaster Electronic Air Cleaners – set of 5

38004 - Ionizing Wires for Smokemaster Electronic Air Cleaners - Sold in sets of 5.

Replacement Ionizing Wires for Smoke Master Electronic Air Cleaners – Sold in sets of...

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45024 – Electronic Cell Coat – 1 Gallon Refill

45024 - Cell Coat Refill - Gallon

Electronic Cell Coat Refill – Refill your spray bottle with Electronic Cell Coat. 1 Gallon jug does not include a...

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45023 – Electronic Cell Coat Spray

Electronic Cell Coat Spray

Electronic Cell Coat – 1 Pint Spray Bottle. This product is sprayed onto clean electronic collector cells and...

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30182 – Electronic Cell Washing Container

30182 - Electronic Cell Washing Container

Optional fiberglass container with lid for washing electronic collector cells. Container measures 20-3/4″ x...

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45008 – Electronic Cell Detergent

45008 - Cell Cleaning Detergent

Detergent Concentrate – 1 Gallon. This cell soap is best suited for the cleaning of tobacco smoke, tar and...

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