MicroAir SC-150 Direct Source Capture Fume Extractor

MicroAir SC-150 Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner - This portable, table-top direct source capture air cleaner is ideal for soldering smoke, small gluing operations, powder manufacturing, or other applications where source capture is required. Available in Single Arm or Dual Arm configuration.

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 SC150 Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner

As the name implies, pollutants are captured at the source. Through the use of flex-arms, our convenient table top source capture air cleaner provides the most effective means of controlling airborne particulate and fumes that are present in commercial facilities. These include soldering smoke, cigarette and cigar smoke, paper dust, toner dust, printing odors and solvents, carpet odors or other indoor air pollutants.

The SC-150 direct source capture air cleaner is built specifically for stationary, bench-top soldering applications where airborne solder fumes need to be captured at the work surface. Solder fumes should, if possible, always be extracted at source. The SC-150 allows polluted air to be cleaned and the air recycled back to the workshop without necessity for external exhaust. The SC-150 Single Arm portable direct source capture air cleaner is the perfect solution if your workplace requires a solder fume extractor, powder extraction or solvent fume extraction. It's also a compact, affordable and effective air cleaner & nail dust collector for the nail dust and fumes generated from manicures and acrylic nails.

 SC-150 Direct Source Capture Features and Benefits

  • Revolutionary for soldering or other operations where source capture is required
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Available in single arm or dual arm configurations
  • 150 CFM
  • Low noise level
  • Easy access to filters - through end of unit via access panel
  • Compact size - 11-1/4" H x 14-3/8" W x 27" L
  • Positive Pressure filter seal

How does the SC-150 Work?

With the SC-150 direct source capture air cleaner in place, solder, smoke or other polluted air is captured at the source and flows through the arm (or arms) through the washable pre-filter (10" x 14" x 1"). The pre-filter effectively removes the large particles. Next, the smaller particles of dust and smoke are captured by the 3" 95% ASHRAE Hepa-type filter (10" x 13-7/8" x 3") and finally, fumes and odors are absorbed by 3.2 lbs of charcoal/Purasorb (10" x 13-7/8" x 3-3/4"). The result is cleaner, dust-free, smoke free air.

SC-150 MicroAir Direct Source Capture Air Cleaner Specifications

Airflow Single Arm – Up to 150 CFM
Dual Arm – Up to 200 CFM
Installation Options Portable – Designed to work directly at source of 1 or 2 workstations.
Dimensions 11-1/4″ H x 14-3/8″ W x 27″ L
Cabinet 16 Gauge welded galvanized steel with external surfaces ground smooth. Attractive Gray and Black finish
Weight Single Arm – 45.5 lbs.
Dual Arm – 47 lbs.
Electrical 120V | 60 Hz | 2.4 amps Max
Power Cord 8′ power cord with standard molded plug
Three Filter System Pre-filter – 1″ foam
Main Filter – 3″ – 95% ASHRAE filter
Carbon Post Filter – 3.75″ Charcoal/Purasorb Filter (3.2 lbs.)
Noise Level dB(A) Single Arm – Inlet – 57 | Exhaust – 62 (measured at 6′ distance)
Dual Arm – Inlet – 58 | Exhaust – 63 (measured at 6′ distance)
Controller Single Speed – On/Off lighted switch
Blower Direct drive, 3600 RPM
Collector Arm 36″ long, 3″ diameter flexible, heavy-duty ABS
Warranty 2 Year Limited

P1822 – 10 Pound Bulk Carbon Bucket


10 Pounds of Activated Carbon is enough to re-fill the Carbon Module in the SC-150 Source Capture Air Cleaner 3...

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33091-02 – Carbon Module for Micro Air SC-150


This is the refillable carbon module that needs to be purchased for OLDER versions of the SC-150. This item is in place...

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P1991 – 95% Main Filter for MicroAir SC-150


ASHRAE Rated Box filter utilizing 95% filter media for MicroAir SC-150 – 10″ x 13-7/8″ x...

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P1990 – 1″ Foam Pre-Filter for MicroAir SC-150


Washable foam pre-filter for MicroAir SC-150 – 10″ x 14″ x...

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