CA-1000 – CleanAire Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner

The CleanAire ceiling mount electronic air cleaner removes cigar and cigarette smoke and odors from indoor areas up to 6,000 cu. ft.

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Enjoy Clean & Fresh Air with the CA-1000 Electronic Smoke Eliminator.

The CleanAire® CA 1000 ceiling mount electronic smoke eliminator fits into one 2 x 2 ceiling tile. It can also be mounted directly to standard ceilings.

The CA1000 CleanAire® electronic air cleaner combines a high performance electronic cell with an efficient airflow pattern. As a result, the CA-1000 brings clean air to your entire area. Bars, restaurants and lounges love the CleanAire CA-1000 because it eliminates cigar & cigarette smoke.  In addition, the CA-1000 will reduce heating and cooling costs by minimizing the need to exhaust indoor air.

The 3-speed fan pulls dirty smoke-filled air through the center intake. First of all, the CA-1000 starts the cleaning process with a metal mesh pre-filter designed to remove large particles including dust, lint and hair. Second, the air passes through the electronic cell. The cell electronically charges and traps very small particles including cigarette and cigar smoke, odors, welding fumes, kitchen smells, mold spores and vapors. Next, the air moves through the odor absorbing carbon post-filter. Finally, fresh, clean air is discharged on all 4 sides of the unit and circulated throughout the room.  The aerodynamic airflow pattern continually pulls air through the unit. The result is constant and clean, fresh air in your space.

The Dayton 2HNPS cannot compare to the CleanAire CA-1000. Why? Because there just isn't enough airflow.
On high speed, the Dayton produces 107 CFM airflow in contrast to 1,000 CFM in the CA-1000.
The Dayton air cleaner is similar to a bathroom exhaust fan; it just won't do the job like the CA-1000 will!

Features of the CleanAire CA-1000 Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner

  • Cleans Air Better
    Maintains consistent output voltage to the electronic cell for maximum air cleaning efficiency
  • Quieter Performance
    Drop-down design allows for less air turbulence than flush mount units for quieter, higher capacity performance
  • Fits More Applications
    Low profile design requires only 8-1/2" above the T-Bar. Only 4 inches extends below the T-Bar.
  • 100% Tested
    Each and every CleanAire electronic air cleaner is individually tested and operated for quality assurance
  • Reduces Heating & Cooling Costs
    By using the CleanAire CA-1000 commercial air cleaner, exhausting indoor air and bringing in outside air can be reduced to 1/3 of the minimum recommended 30 CFM per person.
  • Adjustable Discharge Louvers
    Clean air is discharged on all 4 sides for optimum air circulation
  • Removable Pre-filter and Grille
    Metal mesh pre-filter catch larger particles before they can enter the electronic cell.
  • Hinged Access Door
    Allows easy access to components for periodic cell and pre-filter cleaning.

CleanAire CA-1000 Electronic Commercial Smoke Eater Specifications

Capacity Up to 1,000 Sq. Ft.
3 Speed High –  1,000 CFM  |  Medium – 800 CFM  |  Low – 600 CFM
Installation Options Can be ceiling mounted or dropped into 1 – 2′ x 2′ ceiling tile
Dimensions 23″ L x 23″ W x 12.5″ H
Sound Level H – 65 dB(A) | M – 57 dB(A) | L – 53 dB(A)
Cabinet 18 gauge painted steel
Weight Shipping – 73 lbs. | Installed – 64 lbs.
Electrical 120 V, 60 Hz | 3.5 amps | field hard wired
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications UL Listed

Ionizing Wires for CleanAire CA-1000 Electronic Cell

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Electronic Cell for CleanAir CA-1000

CA-1000 Replacement Electronic Cell

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Replacement Carbon Post Filter for CleanAir CA-1000

CA-1000 Replacement Post Carbon Filter

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Replacement Pre-Filter for CleanAir CA-1000

CA-1000 Replacement Metal Mesh Pre-Filter

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