LS-1178 – Optional Carbon Plenum for Smokeeter LS

The carbon plenum holds 6 trays of carbon for a total of 18 lbs. and is used to combat strong, pervasive odors.  

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The Carbon plenum is constructed of 20-gauge steel with a removable access panel. The plenum is a V-Bank design with trays of carbon. 16" inlet / outlet collars are provided for connecting flex or hard duct.

Replacement carbon trays are sold separately. 6 trays are required for the the Smokeeter LS.

Q: this unit the ls-1178 on the initial purchase does it include the 6 trays of carbon filters
— Asked by William Walker on October 5, 2016
A: Yes, it includes the carbon trays.
— Pure n Natural Systems Inc.

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