Cloth Kit for Brio 250CC Vapor Steam Cleaner

The Brio 250CC Cloth Kit includes a variety of bonnets and pads for steam cleaning floors, fabrics and other home or office surfaces.



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Each cloth kit contains the following super useful steam cleaner cloths;

  • 3 - Fabric Steam Cloth Bonnet - The steamer cover turns the BRIO into a world class pressurized fabric steamer. Moisture particles are trapped in the fabric so you are sure of getting dry steam.
  • 3 - Honeycomb Sanitizing Floor Cloth - High performance honeycomb sanitizing pad. The 'outdents' absorb moisture and allow the 'indents' or 'pockets' of the unique honeycomb pattern to trap heat, debris and dust for an efficient sanitized clean.
  • 3 - Microfiber Sanitizing Floor Cloth Pad - Super Absorbent Microfiber cloth withstands floor cleaning abrasion and scrubbing. Fits snugly over the rectangular floor tool.

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