PURA UVB2 | Under Counter 3-Stage Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer

Aqua Flo UVB2 3-Stage Water Sterilizer provides clean, disinfected drinking water for all point-of-use applications. 2 gallon per minute flow rate provides triple filtration including carbon and ultraviolet sterilization.



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Double Housing, 3-Stage Water Purifier from PURA

The PURA / AquaFlo UVB2 Drinking Water System features Activated Carbon for removal of chlorine, taste, odors, etc., and Ultraviolet Sterilization (UV) to remove waterborne bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

The PURA UVB-2 Water Treatment System is easy to install and takes up little space under your kitchen sink!

Your drinking water can be protected from E. Coli, Shigella dysenteriae, Salmonella, and other out breaks that occur from time to time in both municipal and well water supplies. The space-saving design of The Aqua Flo UVB2 under-counter ultraviolet water purifier includes three stages of filtration for disinfected, bacteria-free water.

  • Stage 1 - First, the water enters through a 5 micron string-wound sediment pre-filter to remove any sediment in the water.
  • NOTE: Stages 2 & 3 are combined in the same housing.
  • Stage 2 - As water moves to the 2nd housing, it flows down through a 0.5 micron carbon block cartridge removes heavy metals (i.e.; lead, mercury, copper) and cysts (i.e.; crypto, giardia cysts) as well as chlorine, taste, odors, and chemical impurities from the water.
  • Stage 3 - The water then flows up through the center of the carbon block cartridge where the UV chamber is located. As water enters the stainless steel disinfecting chamber, it's exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light which attack harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and sterilizes them. This process of purification works without chemicals and leaves no residual in the water supply. It is also more cost efficient than traditional methods of water disinfection, i.e. chlorinating, distilling or boiling.

Ultraviolet disinfection is accepted by both the EPA and the FDA as a safe, effective method of bacteria control.

This compact, all-in-one drinking water system installs with ease and can be used anywhere that clean, clear, good tasting disinfected water is needed. The UV lamp and carbon filters are easily accessible for years of maintenance-easy performance. It's ideal for point-of-use applications including under the kitchen sink, office water coolers, water vending machines, boats, recreational vehicles, etc.

How Effective is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun has long been known for its ability to destroy microorganisms. However, it has only been in recent years that equipment producing UV light has been manufactured for residential use.  UV energy is produced by low-pressure mercury vapor enclosed in a tubular lamp. While a UV lamp resembles a standard fluorescent lamp, it is similar in appearance only. Energy produced by the UV lamp has the ability to destroy microorganisms that can live in water.

There are five major groups of microorganisms that are altered by a specific spectrum of ultraviolet light: viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa. When these microbes are exposed to the proper amount of UV energy, their DNA structure is scrambled, and they are unable to reproduce. Since the cell is now sterile or dead, it is no longer a threat.

Features and Specifications of the Aqua Flo UVB-2 Under-Counter UV Water Filter and Sterilizer

Warranty 3 Year Warranty on unit
1 year warranty on electrical components
Dimensions 11″ W x 5.5″ D x 15″ H
Weight 15 pounds
Flow Rate 2 GPM
Inlet/Outlet Size 3/8″ NPT
Faucet Optional long-reach chrome faucet available
Bulb Life 9,000 hours (approx. 1 year)
Electronic Lamp Indicator LED
Electric 115V w/8′ power cord
Power 14 watts
CUL Listed
Conditions For Use
Feed Water Pressure+ 20-75 psig (138 – 517kPa)
Feed Water Temperature 38° – 105°F
pH Range 6.5 – 9.5
Total Dissolved Solids < 1500 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids < 10 mg/L
Turbidity < 5 NTU
+Water pressure must not exceed 75 psig (517 kPa) or a pressure regulator must be installed.
Chemical Parameters Max mg/L
Hardness (CaCO3) < 120 (7 GPG)
Iron (Fe) < 0.3
Manganese (Mn) < 0.05

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