AG600 PurePal – Replacement Titanium Pro Module

Titanium Pro Module for PurePal AG600  - This patent pending technology is a next-generation PCO system that removes VOCs, neutralizes odors, and kills bacteria and viruses. Replace every 18 months.



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Titanium Pro® Module Specifically for the AG600 - The Titanium Pro module safely breaks down harmful chemicals and odors, while effectively killing bacteria and virus pollutants down to 0.01 microns in size. This is 30 times smaller than what a typical HEPA filter removes, which means you will have the ultimate peace-of-mind regarding your air quality.  Utilizing a catalytic metal plate, electronic component, a germicidal UV lamp and UV lamp ballast within one solo disposable module, this patented technology is designed for easy insertion and removal into an air purifier.

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