RT-2300 – Replacement Tank and Filters for WH-2300 Water Filter

Main filter tank replacement for WH-2300 whole house water filter - 300,000 gallons. Replace after 3 years. Also includes pre & post filters.

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Main Filter Tank Replacement for WH-2300 Whole House Water Filter

You'll be all set for an additional 3 years when you replace the main media tank.

Z-1 Dual Media | KDF-55 & Carbon - As the water leaves the pre filter, it travels into the distributor head and is dispersed through the KDF media which removes contaminants such as chlorine, lead and other heavy metals. Volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) such as THM's bad tastes and odors, are removed by adsorption into the bed of granular activated carbon (GAC). The water continues down through the media and into a strainer basket, then up through a riser tube to the final stage. Replace every 3 years.

Replacement Pre & Post filters are included when you purchase the main tank.

For use in the WH-2300 Whole House Water Filter

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