Model 2012 – In-Line Refrigerator Water Filter

Drinking Water Filter - Model 2012 Under Counter / Inline Water Filter - Great as a Refrigerator Filter, Bottleless Water Cooler Filter or Under Sink Filter. Provides clean, refreshing drinking water - up to 8,000 gallons.

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The Model 2012 Water Filter provides refreshing, clean, great tasting drinking water for up to three years

Sparkling clean filtered drinking water with easy, under-sink installation. The 2012 drinking water filter hides under your sink to make your faucet water refreshing, great tasting and healthy. Designed to last for three years, the 2012 drinking water filter is also an excellent choice for refrigerators with drinking water dispensers and ice machine capabilities, bottleless water coolers, commercial ice-makers and drinking fountains. The dual filter media of KDF and activated coconut shell carbon cleans your water of lead and other heavy metals as well as chlorine and other taste and/or odor problems. The 2012 weighs only 2.5 pounds and measures just 12" H x 2-1/2" OD to fit easily under the sink. It can effectively filter approximately 8,000 gallons -typically 3 years worth of drinking water - at the rate of 1 gallon per minute. Includes a one year warranty when used on U.S. municipally treated water supplies.


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