Model 2010 Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter

Model 2010 Ice Maker Water Filter - If you have an automatic ice cube maker in your refrigerator, the Model 2010 water filter is the best ice cube filter and will give you great tasting, sparkling clean ice cubes!

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Enjoy 4,000 gallons of Clean, Filtered Ice Cubes with the Model 2010 Ice Maker Water Filter

You'll see and taste the difference when you install the 2010 water filter behind your refrigerator for your automatic ice maker. This is without a doubt the finest ice maker water filter available anywhere. The Model 2010 water filter is our premier ice maker filter. The Model 2010 water filter is recommended for use on a refrigerator with an ice maker only. This ice maker filter removes / reduces over 80 contaminants including chlorine, bad tastes, odors, THM's, VOC's, HAA's, lead, arsenic, mercury, heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and chloramines. If you have an ice maker in your refrigerator we high recommend to utilize this water filter.

Compact for easy installation, the 2010 refrigerator ice maker filter measures 10.25" H x 2" OD and weighs just 1.5 pounds. The flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute provides an ample supply for daily ice making needs. The total filter capacity of approximately 4,000 gallons provides at least three years of maintenance-free performance under normal use. The Model 2010 refrigerator ice maker filter includes a three year pro-rata warranty when used on U.S. municipally treated water supplies. Complete installation hardware & instructions included.

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