Ozone Generators


Plug-In Car Air Freshener – Auto Air Deodorizer

Newaire Plug-in Auto Air Purifier is Easy to Use

The NewAire Auto II Car Deodorizer is so easy to use, all you have to do is plug it into the DC outlet and you’ll...

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HW-500 Deodorizer Flush Mount Air Freshener 500 Sq. Ft.

HW-500 Flush Mount Air Deodorizer

Eliminate Odors Naturally with the Newaire HW-500 Air Deodorizer. Recessed ceiling/wall mount unit will eliminate odors...

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Newaire NA-50 Natural Air Freshener

NA50 Natural Air Plug-In Freshener

With the NA50 direct plug-in air freshener, you can purify and deodorize your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen or other...

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QT Thunder 24-II Advanced Electronic Ozone Generator

QT Thunder 24 Commercial Ozone Generator is User Friendly

The QT Thunder 24-II Ozone Generator utilizes advanced electronic deodorizing technology. It eliminates odors on a...

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Lightning Air LA-3500 Ozone Generator and Negative Ion Air Purifier

Lightning Air LA-3500 Air Purifier - Oak

The Lightning Air LA-3500 air purifier carries a lifetime warranty! Purify your indoor with negative ions and ozone....

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OZ-2000 Sanitizing Ozone Generator

OZ-2000 Commercial Sanitizing Ozone Generator

The “Odor Zapper” OZ-2000 Sanitizing Commercial Ozone Generator – Designed for commercial and...

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