Air Purifier Replacement Filters


DesignAir Replacement Pre Filter – 41005

Pre-Filter for Smokeeter Air Cleaners

Replacement foam pre-filter for DesignAir. This filter can be vacuumed and re-used, but will need to be replaced if...

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Replacement Carbon After Filter for MAXUM Home Smoke Eater


Replacement Standard Carbon after-filter for the MAXUM electronic air cleaner. Adsorbs moderate amounts of smoke &...

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Airpura – Pre-Filters for Airpura Air Purifiers – 2-pack

Airpura Pre-Filters - 2-pack

Pre-filters for Airpura air purifiers. 2 per pack, fits most Airpura air purifier...

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Replacement Carbon Panel Filter for PR6 Air Cleaner

Granular Carbon Filter Panel for PR6 HEPA Air Cleaner

Replacement granular carbon filter for PR6 HEPA Air...

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Super MAXUM Carbon Filter – For Tough Smoke & Odors


For tough smoke & odors, you’ll want the Super-Maxum carbon. 3 lbs. of Granular Activated Carbon help to...

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DesignAir Replacement Carbon Filter – 41006

Carbon After Filter

Replacement granular carbon filter for DesignAir electronic air cleaner. Honeycomb design for optimum odor and gas...

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HEPA-Barrier Post-Filter for Airpura Air Purifiers

HEPA Barrier Post Filter

HEPA-Barrier Post-filters for Airpura C600 & T600 Smoke & Odor Air...

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IQAir PreMax™ – Replacement Pre-Filter for New Edition HealthPro Series

PF-200 - IQAir Replacement Pre-Max Pre-Filter Element

Replace every 6-18 months. Pre-Max™ Pre-filter Element eliminates micro particles such as pollen, pet dander &...

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IQAir – H11 HyperHEPA Pre-Filter for GC Series Air Cleaners

IQAir HEPA Pre-Filter

Replace every 6-18 months. Replacement H11 HyperHEPA eliminates micro- and nano- particles such as allergens, smoke,...

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BONECO A681 | Replacement HEPA/Carbon Filter for H680

A681 Replacement HEPA/Carbon Filter for H680

Replacement HEPA/Carbon Filter for BONECO H680 HYBRID Air Purifier & Humidifier. Filter should be replaced every 12...

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IQAir – Replacement Post Filter Sleeves for IQAir GC Air Purifiers

Post Filter Sleeves

Replace every 2-3 years with gas cartridges.  Set of 4 replacement post filter sleeves eliminate activated carbon and...

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IQAir V5-Cell – Gas and Odor Filter for HealthPro Plus

IQAir HealthPro Plus V5 Gas and Odor Filter

Replace every 1-2 years. HiFlow gas filter element controls of a wide range of chemical contaminants and...

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VOC Cartridge – Replacement Filter for EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

EnviroKlenz Replacement VOC Cartridge

EnviroKlenz replacement VOC Filter Cartridge. Replace every 3-4 months, depending on your environmental...

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TarBarrier Pre-Filters for Airpura T600 Smoke Air Purifier – 6-Pack

TarBarrier Pre-Filter for Airpura T600 Tobacco Smoke Air Purifier

6-pack TarBarrier Pre-filters for Airpura T600 Smoke & Odor Air...

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Airgle PurePal – Replacement Gas & Odor Filter for AG500


2.2 lbs of enhanced special blend carbon that captures chemicals, odors, and volatile organic compounds...

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