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H2O-SMART – The Smallest Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler is Also the Smartest!

H2O-SMART Counter Top Bottleless Water Cooler

H2O-SMART Counter Top Bottleless Water Cooler – Mini office or home cooler provides premium filtration including...

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CA-1000 – CleanAire Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaner

Save $200
CA-1000 CleanAire Electronic Air Cleaner

The CleanAire ceiling mount electronic air cleaner removes cigar and cigarette smoke and odors from indoor areas up to...

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British Berkefeld – Doulton Gravity Fed Water Filter

British Berkefeld Gravity Fed Water filter with Doulton Super Sterasyl Candles

Designed for emergency use, rural water supplies and camping situations, the British Berkefeld SS-2 gravity fed water...

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Boneco P500 Air Purifier – Air-O-Swiss – Breathe Easy Again

P500 Air Purifier by Boneco

Choose your filter for specific air cleaning needs. The P500 air purifier by Boneco is a super-efficient air cleaner...

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AquaBar II POU Bottleless Water Cooler by Oasis

Aqua Bar II Bottleless Water Cooler by Oasis

Aqua Bar II by Oasis – Tri-Temp Model with 4 Gallon Cold Water Storage...

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Ebac CD30 Crawlspace Dehumidifier – 17 Pint

Save $141
Ebac CD30 Commercial Dehumidifier

Removes up to 17 PPD of moisture per day. Up to 170 CFM Airflow. Available in...

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PurePal AG500 Air Purifier by Airgle

Airgle PurePal Air Purifier - AG500 / AG600

The User-Friendly PurePal Air Purifier AG500 from Airgle is designed for general purpose air cleaning. With the highest...

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Lightning Air LA-3500 Ozone Generator and Negative Ion Air Purifier

Save $100
Lightning Air LA-3500 Air Purifier - Oak

The Lightning Air LA-3500 air purifier carries a lifetime warranty! Purify your indoor with negative ions and ozone....

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MovinCool Classic 10 – 10,000 BTU Mobile Air Conditioner

Save $140
MovinCool Classic 10 Portable Spot Cooler

MovinCool’s Original Classic 10 Mobile Air Conditioner – 10,000 BTU commercial portable room air cooler...

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