Air Purifier Replacement Filters & Accessories

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Newaire NA-50 Plug in Deodorizer Security Kit

NA50 NewAire Deodorizer Security Kit

This kit is for securing the NA-50 Newaire unit to an outlet. It replaces the outlet cover and holds the unit to the...

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FumeFighter Replacement Carbon Prefilter

Carbon Pre-Filter

15″ x 60″ mesh impregnated with carbon wrapped around the HEPA filter. Removes larger...

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LA-3500HEPA Replacement HEPA Filter


Replacement HEPA Filter for the LA-3500 Air...

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DesignAir Replacement Pre Filter – 41005

Pre-Filter for Smokeeter Air Cleaners

Replacement foam pre-filter for DesignAir. This filter can be vacuumed and re-used, but will need to be replaced if...

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P1990 – 1″ Foam Pre-Filter for MicroAir SC-150


Washable foam pre-filter for MicroAir SC-150 – 10″ x 14″ x...

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LA-99 Electronic Cell Cleaner – 1 Gallon Concentrate

LA-99 Electronic Cell Cleaner Concentrate

Easily clean your electronic & electrostatic cells with LA-99 degreaser  and cell cleaner. Available in 1 Gallon...

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Replacement Carbon After Filter for MAXUM Home Smoke Eater


Replacement Standard Carbon after-filter for the MAXUM electronic air cleaner. Adsorbs moderate amounts of smoke &...

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AOS-2541 | Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (2-pack) for AOS-2071

AOS-2071 Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (AOS2541)

The AOS-2541 Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (2-pack) for AOS-2071, draws the water up through the unit to humidify...

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AOS-2562 | Replacement activated carbon filter for AOS-2071

AOS-2071 Replacement Carbon Filter (AOS2562)

Replacement activated carbon filter for AOS-2071. Replace every 6 months. Odor/fume filter for AOS 2071 Air Cleaner...

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Lightning Air LA-3500 Replacement Ozone Plates – Set of 2


Set of 2 – Replacement Ceramic Ozone Plates for Lightning Air LA-3500. Replacement plates keep your units running...

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Airpura – Pre-Filters for Airpura Air Purifiers – 2-pack

Airpura Pre-Filters - 2-pack

Pre-filters for Airpura air purifiers. 2 per pack, fits most Airpura air purifier...

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Replacement Carbon Panel Filter for PR6 Air Cleaner

Granular Carbon Filter Panel for PR6 HEPA Air Cleaner

Replacement granular carbon filter for PR6 HEPA Air...

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Super MAXUM Carbon Filter – For Tough Smoke & Odors


For tough smoke & odors, you’ll want the Super-Maxum carbon. 3 lbs. of Granular Activated Carbon help to...

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DesignAir Replacement Carbon Filter – 41006

Carbon After Filter

Replacement granular carbon filter for DesignAir electronic air cleaner. Honeycomb design for optimum odor and gas...

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SLJRUV-SB – Replacement Single Bulb for SpeedLight Jr. UVC Light System

Replacement UV Bulb for UVC Light System Kit

SpeedLight Jr. Replacement Single Bulb for UVC HVAC Light...

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