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PR20.0 Commercial Smoke Eater Air Cleaner

This powerful 2000 CFM ceiling flush mount smoke eater includes 18 lbs. of carbon for superior removal of cigar and cigarette smoke, odors, dust, etc. Minimum of 1 unit recommended for every approximately 2,000 sq. ft.

PR20.0 Price - $2,395.00


First Years Filters Included - $599.00 Value - FREE!

Free Shipping on the PR20.0 Best Commercial Cigar and Cigarette Smoke Eater!

PR20.0 Cigar Smoke Filter

Owners Manual

With 18 pounds of carbon, the PR20.0 Commercial Smoke Eater Air Cleaner will keep your cigar shop, lounge area, restaurant, office, beauty & nail salon, retail shop or bowling center smoke-free!

The 18 pound Carbon V-Bank Filter in the PR20.0 Commercial Smoke Eater is Superior in removing offensive odors and gases. It's ideal for removing molecular contaminants in commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, VFW and bingo halls, as well as many other commercial and light industrial applications. With 18 pounds of activated carbon and it's unique construction, the V-Bank filter will hold up in areas with higher humidity and in corrosive atmospheres.

The PR20.0 Flushmount Air Cleaner is designed to drop into a suspended ceiling. It replaces either 1 - 2' x 4' tile or 2 - 2' x 2' tiles from the suspended ceiling. In order to install the PR20.0 flushmount air cleaner easily, the clearance above the suspended ceiling needs to be at least 18" and is recommended that the air cleaner is installed in areas that do not exceed a 12 foot ceiling height. The weight of the system does not rest on the ceiling grids but is secured above the suspended ceiling to a permanent structure such as a joist or beam. All filters in the PR20.0 Flushmount air cleaner are accessible from the louvered door and hinge door on the face of the system. 1 unit recommended for up to 2000 square feet.

PR20.0 Commercial Air Cleaner Specifications
Capacity Up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
2 Speed High - 2,000 CFM | Low - 1,200 CFM
Installation Options Flushmount - Fits into 2 - 2' x 2' or 1 - 2' x 4' ceiling tile
Dimensions 46-1/2" L x 23-3/4" W x 17" H
Cabinet Construction Aluminum
Shipping Weight 135 lbs.
Electrical 9.2 amps | 120V
Power Cord 10' long | 3 prong grounded plug
Three Filter System Includes 1 Year Supply of Filters;
1 - 6" HEPA Filter
1 - 6" (18 lb.) Carbon V-Bank Filter
12 - 1/2" Pre-Filters
Warranty All Systems carry a lifetime Blower/Motor Warranty*
Certifications All electrical components and fan motor are UL Listed and CSA Certified
NOTE: 18" clearance above drop ceiling required. Install by removing ceiling tile and dropping unit in. Plug in or hard wire. Installation hardware included.
*Lifetime Blower/Motor warranty applies if filters are changed as required and are purchased from Pure n Natural Systems, Inc.

How does the PR20.0 work?...

PR20.0 Fluhsmount Commercial Air CleanerThe PR20.0 Flush mount HEPA Filter System uses a powerful blower to draw the air from smoke-filled areas. As the air is drawn through the high-efficiency filter media, 95% of the tobacco smoke particles are removed on each pass. The clean air that is constantly discharged into the area is refreshing and remarkably free of tobacco smoke and other contaminants. This is particularly beneficial in lounges and restaurants, because it reduces the need for segregated smoking areas. Practically all of the dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminant particles are removed from the air passing though the air cleaner. Even the microscopic airborne particles are trapped. Everyone prefers breathing air that's been cleaned of the many pollutants that can cause discomfort and stuffiness. Plus, lowering the pollen, spores and fungi count helps reduce the problems caused by these pollutants.

The PR20.0 is Available with Optional Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps!

Why Optional Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps in Commercial Air Cleaners? It is well know that ultraviolet germicidal lamps can destroy any microorganism that comes in contact with its powerful UV-C rays. As a microbe passes through UV-C, the light penetrates directly into the organism's nucleus disrupting the molecular bonds of it's "DNA". This breakage renders the microbe unable to reproduce and shortly thereafter the organism dies, leaving no offspring. This method is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for its germicidal effects. The destruction of germs and bacteria by germicidal ultraviolet light is accomplished quickly and effectively. Filters trap particulate, and only when germs are attached to particulate, can the germs be trapped. The use of  UV-C along with a highly efficient filtering media provides a truly clean, virus & bacteria free environment.

The PR20.0 Commercial Air Cleaner Comes With...
FREE - Filters for the Entire First Year! ($599.00 Value)
- Shipping! (Up to $300.00 Value)
- Motor/Blower Warranty* (Priceless)
Interested in 2 or more PR20.0 Smoke Filters? Give us a call... 1-800-237-9199

Related Parts, Filters and Accessories for the PR20.0

Replacement UV-Bulb
Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb
(For units equipped with UV-COM.)
25W - 253.7 nm - rated for 9,000 hours (1 year)

Click For More Information Annual Replacement Filter Kit for PR20.0 Commercial Smoke Eater
Annual Replacement Filter Kit for PR20.0 Commercial Smoke Eater - Includes
12 - 1/2" Tackified Pre-Filters - Change Monthly
1 - 18 Pound 6" Carbon V-Bank Filter - Change Annually
1 - 6" H.E.P.A. Filter - Change Annually
Note: All filters are disposable and cannot be cleaned or washed.

Click For More Information UV-COM
YES - Equip my commercial air cleaner with Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps for effective destruction of germs, bacteria, virus and other airborne pathogens.

Click For More Information PR20.0-PF
Set of 12 pre-filters for PR20.0 Smoke Air Purifier.
Pre-filters CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed monthly or as needed.

Click For More Information PR20.0-VBank
Replacement 18 lb./6" Carbon V-Bank Filter Cartridge for PR20.0.
Carbon V-Bank Cartrdige CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed annually.

Click For More Information PR20.0-HEPA
Replacement 6" HEPA filter for PR20.0.
The HEPA filter CANNOT BE WASHED and should be changed annually.

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