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This item is no longer available. Please order replacement parts and filters below.

This item is no longer available. You might be interested in the
Sharp KC-850U Air Purifier / Humidifier Combo Unit.

Air-O-Swiss - AOS-2071 replacement filters and parts

The AOS-2071 Combination Air Purifier Home Humidifier Unit guarantees a healthy room climate throughout the year. Not only does it ensure pure air by removing even the smallest particles, it also ensures optimal air humidity.

Allergy sufferers in particular can breathe a sigh of relief! With its unique filter system the AOS 2071 air purifier and humidifier efficiently reduces the levels of air pollutants such as pollen, dust, animal hairs, mites, smoke and odors. The Air-O-Swiss Air purifier and humidifier includes 2 HEPA filters for particle removal, an active carbon filter for odor and fume removal, and a self-regulating humidification system that provides an optimal hygienically humidified room atmosphere. All of this performance is delivered with extremely quiet operation, thanks to an optimal combination of size, enormous filter surface, and a high-quality fan.

The AOS 2071 air purifier and humidifier circulates the air up to five times per hour removing 99.97% of the particles in the air down to .03 microns while an activated carbon filter absorbs odors. Plus essential oils may be circulated using the system via a special cup.

home air purifier and humidifierFeatures of the Air-O-Swiss 2071 Air Purifier and Humidifier

• Circulates room air up to 5 times per hour (for a 280 square foot room).
• Operating light indicates when the unit is running.
• Three performance settings for rapid purification, normal operation, and nighttime use.
• HEPA filters last at least 12 months and active carbon filter lasts at least 6 months.
• Active carbon filter eliminates odors by absorbing all unpleasant tobacco, cooking and animal odors, as well as harmful fumes.
• 2 HEPA particle filters with a large surface area allow for maximum airflow with a minimum of noise.
• Optional air freshening system.
• Easy filter replacement.
• Ergonomically-designed handles and built-in cable wrap.
• Two detachable water tanks with a combined 2.2 gallon capacity.
• Unique design of water tanks allows easy refill from the smallest of sinks.
• Fitted with an anti-bacterial evaporator cartridge - no water additives required.
• Easy-to-clean, removable water tray.

Specifications on the Air-O-Swiss 2071 Air Purifier and Humidifier

• 3 Year Warranty
• Dimensions - 21.1"L x 23.6"W x 13.0"H
• Weight - (empty) 20.5 pounds
• Coverage - Up to 540 square feet
• Air circulation - setting 1 - 40 CFM / setting 2 - 122 CFM / setting 3 - 175 CFM
• Humidification Performance - Up to 2 gallons/24 hours
• Maximum Water Capacity - Approximately 2.2 gallons
• Power Consumption - setting 1 - 15 watts / setting 2 - 36 watts / setting 3 - 58 watts
• Electrical Specifications - 120V/60Hz - 8'6" cord
• Noise Level - setting 1 - 20 dB(A) / setting 2 - 39 dB(A) / setting 3 - 47 dB(A)
• CUL Listed

Related Parts, Filters and Accessories for the AOS-2071

Click For More Information AOS-2561
Replacement HEPA particle filter (2-pack) for AOS-2071. Replace every 12 months. These filters efficiently capture harmful particles such as pollen, dust and spores that are up to 100,000 times finer than a human hair. After just a short period of use, these filters remove up to 99.97% of harmful particles from the air. Total filter effective area - 35 sq ft (3.2 m2).

Click For More Information AOS-2562
Replacement activated carbon filter for AOS-2071. Replace every 6 months. Odor/fume filter for AOS 2071 Air Cleaner & Humidifier (Combo Unit) The carbon filter efficiently and effectively absorbs unpleasant tobacco, cooking and pet odors as well as noxious fumes from the air. Filter material - Activated carbon

Click For More Information AOS-2541
The AOS-2541 Replacement Evaporator Cartridge (2-pack) for AOS-2071, draws the water up through the unit to humidify the air. Requires changing every 2 - 3 months.

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