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Sanitizers & Deodorizers

Enjoy the Smell Of Fresh And Clean Air With Sanitizers and Deodorizers

Sanitizers and deodorizers are designed to function in specific areas or environments. We carry a wide range of products, including bathroom sanitizer items, room air fresheners, cigarette deodorizers, and more. We also carry Verilux hand held sanitizers and wands and sweeper sanitizers for protection from dust mites, bacteria, germs and other surface contaminants.

Newaire NA50 Sanitizer Deodorizer Air Freshener HW-250 Odor Eliminator Sanitizer Deodorizer HW-500 Odor Eliminator Sanitizer Deodorizer OZ-2000 Ozone Generator - Commercial ozonator
Newaire NA-50 Plug-n Room Deodorizer / Air Sanitizer Newaire HW-250 Flush Mount Deodorizer Newaire HW-500 Flush Mount Deodorizer Odor Zapper OZ-2000 Commercial Ozone Generator
●  Direct Plug-in Operation
●  Negative Ions & Ozone
●  Silent Operation
●  Covers up to 500 Sq. Ft.
●  2 Year Warranty
●  Ceiling or Wall Mount
●  Negative Ions & Ozone
●  Silent Operation
●  Covers up to 250 Sq. Ft.
●  2 Year Warranty
●  Ceiling or Wall Mount
●  Negative Ions & Ozone
●  Silent Operation
●  Covers up to 500 Sq.  Ft.
●  2 Year Warranty
●  Portable Ozone Generator
●  On/Off Control
●  Timer Control 1-60 minutes
●  Covers up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
●  Lifetime (limited) Warranty
Product Details... Product Details... Product Details... Product Details...
NA-50 Price - $139.95
SALE - $119.95

HW-250 Price - $99.95
SALE - $79.95

HW-500 Price - $119.95
SALE - $89.95

OZ-2000 Price - $395.00

Lightning Air LA-3500 Air Purifier UVC Sanitizing Light Wand with CleanWave Technology UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand with CleanWave Technology NewAire Auto II Automobile Air Purifier
Lightning Air LA-3500 Ozone Generator / Negative Ion Generator Verilux VH01WW4 UVC Sanitizing Light Wand Veriluz VH03WW4 Sanitizing Travel Wand Newaire NA-AUTO II Automobile Air Purifier
●  Negative Ions & Ozone
●  Real Wood Cabinet
●  Includes HEPA Filter
●  Covers up to 3,500 Sq. Ft.
●  Lifetime Warranty
●  Kills Germs & Allergens
●  Destroys Bacteria
●  Push Button Operation
●  Completely Silent
●  Includes battery pack & charger
●  1 Year Warranty
●  Portable & Lightweight
●  Destroys Bacteria, Germs & Allergens
●  Push Button Operation
●  Completely Silent.
●  Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
●  1 Year Warranty
●  100% Natural
●  Negative Ions & Ozone
●  No Filters
●  Silent
●  5 Year Life Expectancy
Product Details... Product Details... Product Details... Product Details...
LA-3500 Price - $449.00
SALE - $349.00

VH01WW4 Price - $99.95
VH03WW4 Price - $59.95
NA-AUTO Price - $24.95

There are several products available that are marketed as room air fresheners. Contrary to popular belief, such room air fresheners do little to improve the quality of air. In fact, most artificial air purifiers and deodorizers add further pollutants to your home's atmosphere with elements that are designed to spread some kind of a perfume. All this accomplishes is covering up unpleasant smells - - not removing them. Many of these ingredients cause irritation of the nose and lungs, leading to serious problems for many people. It is important to understand that air that is truly clean does not have any scent; clean air only has a non-offensive and non-toxic smell! Whether you're looking for a specific product like a travel sanitizer or bathroom deodorizer or a super cigarette deodorizer, Pure n Natural has the right solution for you.

Sanitizer Information and Deodorizer Articles

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Ozone Generators
Ozone (O3) contains one more atom than pure oxygen (O2) This third atom is unstable, which means that the element readily decomposes or changes into another compound. In this case, the third atom detaches itself from the molecule and attaches itself to odors, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus--allergens that can cause respiratory infections in animals and humans...

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Ultraviolet Air Sterilizers
Ultraviolet light is an effective measure to control disease germs like airborne bacterial cells. This is especially important in commercial settings. For example, eliminating viruses from the air by passing it through UV air cleaners in offices, school buildings and other commercial establishments could minimize cases of cold and flu viruses. They're also useful in cigarette smoke odor removal. Ozone is often produced as a by-product in UV air cleaners and is very useful for tasks like odor and smoke removal.

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The Dangers of Chemical Air Fresheners
These products do not, in fact, do anything to improve the quality of the air. Instead, they add a number of pollutants, some designed to deaden your sense of smell, others serving as propellants, and others adding various kinds of toxic perfume to drown out whatever smells may offend. Many of these ingredients cause irritation of the nose and lungs, leading to serious problems for many people. Many times, pesticides are even included - for what purpose?! Spray this around and solve all your odor problems?!...

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