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Air Conditioners

What type of Air Conditioner are you shopping for?

Pure n Natural Systems offers a variety of air conditioners including portable air conditioners, spot coolers, commercial air conditioners, ductless mini split zone heat pumps and windowless air conditioners.

Portable Air Conditioners Spot Coolers Mini Split Single Zone
Portable Air Conditioners Spot Cooler / Commercial Air Conditioner Mini Split - Single Zone Windowless Air Conditioner
Free standing or Portable AC units are great for those who want to keep certain areas of their homes or offices cool. Portable air conditioners require a window or separate room for ventilation. MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners and Spot Coolers Solve Problems for Computer Server Rooms, Office Areas and Heat Generating Electronics Rooms. Spot Coolers do require exhaust / ventilation.... Mini Split Single Zone Air Conditioners / Heat Pumps are the perfect solution where no window is available. The unit is mounted high on a wall while the compressor is installed outside. Split systems do not require windows.
Learn more about Portable Air Conditioners Learn more about Spot Coolers Learn more about Single Zone Mini Splits

Dual Zone ductless heat pump / air conditioner Mini Split Tri Zone  
Mini Split - Dual Zone Ductless Split Air Conditioner Mini Split - Tri Zone Windowless Air Conditioners  
Dual Zone Air Conditioners / Heat Pump Systems are designed to cool or heat 2 separate rooms or areas with only 1 outside compressor. A multitude of BTU combinations are available. Tri Zone Heat Pumps / Air Conditioner Split Systems cool or heat 3 separate areas in your home or business. One single compressor is mounted outside. Several options for BTU combinations are offered.  
Learn more about Dual Zone Mini Splits Learn more about Tri Zone Mini Split Systems  

Portable air conditioners, whether it's a commercial spot cooler or windowless mini-split air conditioner, offer a reliable and convenient way to keep specific areas or rooms in your home or office cool in the hot summer months.

Most portable air conditioners also offer a portable heater or heat option for year round use. Portable air conditioners are also a great way to reduce humidity where high moisture levels can cause damage to walls, windows and other valuable interior structures. Portability is important because you can move your portable air conditioner from room to room.

Commercial and industrial spot coolers allow you to cool large server rooms or cool down areas where unwanted heat is a concern. Portable spot coolers keep heat and moisture to a minimum because the warm humid air is vented outside or into another room. Your specific area will maintain a constant level of cooler, dryer air. Manufacturing facilities and assembly lines also love spot coolers because they keep the areas cool and dry for workers and for production requirements. Computer server rooms need to maintain low heat and humidity. Commercial, portable spot coolers are the perfect solution for maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels.

Mini-split or windowless air conditioners are not only practical, but are also cost and energy saving solutions as well. Ductless split zone systems are a great way to cool or heat a room or area where there is no air conditioning or heating vents. Ductless splits are heat pumps and air conditioners. They will provide heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Everyone enjoys cooler, conditioned air. But some people require air conditioning for health reasons as well. We can help you choose a portable air conditioner or the windowless air conditioner that specifically suits your needs.

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